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Submitted by Hank Northrip – February 21, 2017 –

LifeStyles Research bowling team has virtually sealed up the third quarter win.

The third quarter of the Monday Social Four League, when they moved to a 3 1/2 game lead, on Monday night.  This will put them into the play-off wit the other quarter winners, Western Valley Insurance, and Del Norte Tires teams for the league championship at the end of the season.

The league is divided into  4 – 8 week quarters. They’re coming up to the 24th week of the 32 week league this coming Monday night.  Congratulations to LifeStyles Research team.

week 23 of 32        Date 02/20/2017

team # name       Standings              Wins

#2  LifeStyles Research                        20 1/2

#3  Western Valley Insur.                    17

#1  Splits Happen                                 15 1/2

#4  Del Norte Tires                               14

#6  The Outsiders                                  9

#5  “Go Giants”                                      8

Best Weekly Scores;

Lee Bemis 222-204=688

Frank Huggins 211=560,

Ron Turner 200,

Craig Kilgore 500,

John Marques 507

One thought on “LifeStyles Research bowling team wins 3rd quarter!!”
  1. LiefStyles Research is a great team headed by their coach Hank Northrip. Hank motivates every LifeStyles team mate to do their very best in each and every frame, that’s why they have moved into 1st Place. Way to go!!

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