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Local District Attorney Jon Alexander seems to have lost the fundamental ability to understand the difference between right and wrong.  His decisions to protect animals but not the public is commendable, popular and brave, but it doesn’t lessen the danger created by dismissing or minimizing serious cases.  Hence our local District Attorney has gone astray.

As I was sitting in the Del Norte County law library, conducting research one tends to overhear discussions about current cases as well as what some of the population believe that “they” might have the current Judge, D.A., Police chief in “their” pocket.  When I hear that, I listen very closely.

Case in Point:  A young man comes into the law library seeking assistance to get his criminal records expunged so that he may become a physical therapist. He has a criminal record a mile long with burglaries and assault. He tells me that the judge, DA Alexander and the police chief thinks he should have a second chance.  To some degree I agree everyone should have a second chance, but probably not at the age of 28; and not when they have already demonstrated that they are a habitual offender. Whether or not this man was successful, I will never know. But what I do know, is a tiger’s stripes never change. If the man was successful in having his criminal record expunged, who knows what patient, elderly person or likewise will endure harm from this individual.

Here is another case. An elderly woman is beat up by a 28 year old drunken idiot. This woman goes in front of a judge to get a restraining order and was not allowed a restraining order, and the battery charges were dropped by the local District Attorney, Jon Alexander.  A year later the same man, while holding his one year old infant female child in his arms, screaming at the mother and punching holes in the wall is arrested by the city police for domestic violence, holding the mother hostage, and child endangerment. Our local District Attorney, Jon Alexander drops all of these charges down to only a misdemeanor.

For someone like our DA who tends to support Harrington House and the victims of Domestic Violence it seems that he selectively chooses which cases to prosecute and which to dismiss without any rhyme or reason.

There are so many more stories out there with similar or even worse conditions that I have been asked not to disclose, due to people worrying about their safety being jeopardized. Is this what we the public want in a local district attorney? I say recall him, throw him to the streets where he belongs and never look back because I have no patience or tolerance for that type of behavior.

But a whisper in my ear indicates that in 60 days there will be a ruling from the California State Bar about the current charges against him.  He ran on a campaign of equal justice for all.  I say, if he’s not disbarred, who may die after the 60 days are up from his inability or reluctance to prosecute all cases equally for domestic violence, rape or abuse?

Linda Sutter

Crescent City, Ca.

4 thoughts on “LOCAL DA GONE ASTRAY”
  1. It is okay to get all the higher ups fired if they are that corrupt. We should join together to clean up this corruption.

  2. Hello Linda, Jon Alexander has a huge heart, but what seems to be happening is that he is woven into this complex patchwork of small community corruption against his own wish. If he does not comply with the community’s law inforcement inner circle of people who all know each other very closely and who often are family and friends to one another, then they might likely make his life very difficult, they might get him kicked out, they might slander him (which I have already witnessed happening through those who buy into the slander without one single second thought or question. Not talking about you but someone else.), and they might even ruin his future work life in one way or another. We have to always keep in mind what type of obstacles people in governmental positions are facing. I would say, keep him in office since he does help the animals. The next person might not help human residents either and Neither help the animals. So which one is better then? Helping the animals or not helping the animals? I choose the one who has a heart and helps the animals, because they are equally important as humans are.

  3. You have made some very GOOD point! I have thought for a long time the “Good Old Boy System” was doing well with the local police, DA, Court/Judges in Del Norte. There have been public groups set up trying to keep track of the wrong doings, but it seems not to get any better. I think the state people should come in and find out just what is going on here. A good house cleaning of the “Good Old Boys” would fix the problem.

  4. and resubmitted to the Board of Supervisors in 2007 and recorded with the correct information. The point being, 1650 55 gallon drums of pesticides were found by the States water quality over site board back in 1980’s.A clean up program was initiated and according to Kevin Meyer from the Fed EPA is in existence to this day. Some how all this has been circumvented and
    Oregon State has become part of the “improve the airport” team.
    When the State water inspectors returned to DNC to inspect the 55 gallon drums of pesticides over 1000 drums were missing and were thought to be emptied some where in DNC.
    With 150 new cases of cancer documented annually and 63 deaths every year here in Del Norte County
    Community, it leads me to believe the huge cancer
    rate is related to the pesticides. With every project given the status of NO NEGATIVE DECLARATION
    by the inept and perhaps corrupted, self-serving
    leadership, I think the DA should investigate why these illegal policies are continuing (Art Reeves fraudulent inspections, the illnesses at the Smith River Health Center.

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