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By Angry Old American

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California’s Special Gubernatorial Recall Election is scheduled for Tuesday, September 14th, 2021. It is critical that all of us get out and cast our vote. However, a serious question arises about local voter fraud and voting machine manipulation.

We have seen the evidence at the 2020 Election Cyber-Security Symposium related to Chinese voting machine hacking and manipulation of vote tallies in all 50 States. We have heard, or read, the initial report from the Maricopa County forensic audit about breaches of chain-of-custody and “significant inconsistencies” between reported votes and the actual ballot evidence. We also know of small, lightly populated Counties throughout the United States who were victims of foreign election interference. Even with honest and hard-working election officials, can we be assured that this Special Election will not be compromised?

Are our polling stations monitored and recorded by Closed Circuit Television cameras? Inexpensive off-the-shelf 8 channel camera, wiring and recording systems are easily obtainable and cheap. Do our local election officials maintain strict adherence to legal chain of custody records, handling and security of all election evidence? Are ballot adjudicators and volunteers trusted implicitly, or are measures taken to monitor their activities? It is important to remember that many poll workers are High School volunteers of 16 years of age or older, and products of local radicalized Marxist indoctrination. It is an unfortunate fact that majority of Antifa agitators arrested in Seattle during riots were found to be public school teachers.

Are our election officials and polling monitors up-to-speed on the most prevalent forms of fraud and hacking uncovered after the 2020 election? Will they be watching for ballots without signature verification, without a verifiable residential address, or with a non-existent vacant lot or business address?

Will they be watchful for multiple ballots from the same person, or ballots submitted by the same person to multiple Counties? A Drivers License or State ID Card is all that is needed in California to vote. Thus, a bus load of “voters” can travel from County to County, voting at each and every jurisdiction they can reach on election day. Likewise, Bus loads of “Undocumented Citizens” (The Biden Administration’s new title for illegal aliens) with State issued identification can do the same.

Will they assure that only verifiable registered voter’s ballots are counted, and not those mailed by dead people, “undocumented citizens,” incarcerated felons or pets? Will they check the paper-stock and folds to assure that none of the ballots are “pre-printed?”

Will election officials and poll monitors be on the lookout for boxes of ballots collected by “Ballot Harvesters?” Will they be on the lookout for ballots arriving late at night, after polls have officially closed? Will they be watching volunteers to assure that ballots are not scanned multiple times? Will they assure that “Sharpie” pens are not issued to “select” categories of voters? Sharpies cannot be scanned by voting machines, and were passed out in some jurisdictions to Republicans during the 2020 elections.

It has been demonstrated before the Georgia Senate, and again at the 2020 Election Cyber-Security Symposium, that voting machines can be hacked by any ordinary smart phone in their immediate proximity within five minutes. Will election officials assure that no smart phones will be allowed in polling stations? Will they assure that modem cards are removed from all voting machines prior to election day? Even better, can we dispense with our flawed voting machines altogether and hand count our local ballots? After all, this is a lightly populated county, and it is better to have a slow and secure election than a fast and compromised one!

I understand that there are readers who believe all these concerns to be “Paranoid” and filled with “Conspiracy Theory.” Such people also believe that ALL immigrants crossing the border are honest and hard working, that ALL criminals released from prison will change their ways, and that ALL politicians from THEIR PARTY never lie. However, there are a significant number of people in this community that have abandoned such naive notions.

I invite all citizens concerned about fair elections to become election observers. Get to know the voting process, behind the scenes, and how chain of custody of election materials work. Learn how and where election material evidence is secured. Learn how ballot adjudicators can alter not only individual votes, but entire vote outcomes. Learn how ballots are scanned into machines. Carry a video and audio recording device and record suspicious activity. Record the date, time, and location of any out of the ordinary incidents, along with the names or photographs of any people or vehicles involved, and a description of the incident itself. YOU MAY NOT interfere in any way, even if blatant fraudulent activities are happening right in front of you! You also may not record or transmit ballot information or voter data. YOU MAY observe and report potential fraud to the Del Norte County Registrar or the Secretary of State.

Most important of all, remember that the task of an Election Observer is to “OBSERVE.” It is illegal for an observer to approach voters or election staff, or to interfere in any way with the election process; and the penalty for doing so is up to three years in prison! Even if blatant outright fraud is happening right in front of an observers eyes, they are prohibited of interfering. The only recourse for a poll watcher is to call the local registrar or the Secretary of State’s voter hotline (1-800-345-VOTE).

Every County has their own guidelines in regards to Election Observers, so check with our local Del Norte County Election Officials for their list of what required, and what is prohibited. Some common guidelines in California are:

Identify yourself to election workers when you enter a polling place; but don’t interfere when they are helping voters.

Do not speak to voters inside vote centers or polling places.

No matter what you see or hear, do not challenge a voter’s right to vote. Remember, it is illegal to present false information about voter ID checks or other eligibility requirements. The State of California has the most liberal voting policies in the United States.

Law Enforcement style clothing, “Security” shirts or hats and clothing with campaign slogans are strictly prohibited.

Advocating for a candidate or measure within 100 feet of the polling place is both prohibited and illegal, so watch what you wear, carry or say while observing.

Though cell phones are generally permitted in polling places; recording or transmit any voter data or ballot information is prohibited.

You can observe; but NEVER touch equipment or ballots.

This little County is as vulnerable to election fraud and foreign voting machine interference as any big city. Without the vigilance of sober-minded patriots, the coming Special Election results could be turned upside down. Our County needs YOU!

For a thorough list of local rules and regulations for Election Observers Contact:

Alissia Northrup

981 H Street, Suite 160
Crescent City, CA 95531
Phone (707) 464-7216
Fax (707) 465-0321

One thought on “Local Election Integrity”
  1. Excellent article. Election integrity and transparency should be a core focus for any citizen of Del Norte, regardless of political leaning.

    I certainly hope that more people in the community take an active role as Election Observers.

    I am curious what the legal and financial processes would be for mandating the county abandon electronic voting machines and convert to a more secure, hand-counted paper ballot system.

    Is anyone aware of the logistics of this process, and how the citizenry can inititate it?

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