Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

By Angry Old American

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Crescent City will most probably be impacted soon by a massive influx of illegal immigrants. For those who run our local reactionary government and live their lives as if they are playing checkers, we need not worry until it happens. For the rest of us who play chess, and know that this is a world of cause and effect, and anticipate reactions to every action, Governor Newsom’s new healthcare giveaway to all illegal immigrants is a cause of alarm.

What could possibly result from offering free healthcare to all migrants in California? Illegal Immigrants with health issues will flock to California as opposed to other locations. We need simply look at New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver and other large Democrat run cities to know what their reaction will be once the influx of immigrants arrive. They will fine bus companies for importing these migrants into their cities, and those migrants will be dumped in suburbs, small towns and suburbs throughout the State instead.

In the States where this is already happening, small towns are seeing their homeless populations multiply exponentially. Carbondale, Colorado, a small mountain town with a population of 7,000 residents, has had an influx of over 120 Venezuelan immigrants dropped off in just one month during the snows of winter. Their homeless shelter for 100 was already hard pressed to provide care. What will Crescent City do when the same thing happens here? What will our local hospital look like once immigrants seeking free healthcare arrive? Since none of the migrants entering our Southern Border with Mexico are screened for diseases, how many new exotic diseases will be imported into our town? How do you think this influx of immigrants seeking free healthcare impact your own access to local services?

It is an election year, and this would be a good issue to put before both incumbents and new candidates. Who plays checkers and who plays chess? Crescent City could easily enact laws right now similar to those used by big Democrat run cities to halt the importation of illegal immigrants; but that is not a priority of our local government. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and they will choose the pound of cure every time. Why? Because it gives them an excuse to spend more money on studies, employing new government workers, and spending more of your tax dollars. Hell, if there is a big enough problem, then they can declare an emergency and sucker this community into paying another special tax; that’s a dream come true for our local government leaders.

One thought on “Local Mass Immigration”
  1. Since I’m fairly healthy I failed to make a doctor appointment for a few years. To my surprise I was dropped and had to fill out a new patient form and it took months to get an appointment. I decided to change doctors and was lucky to find ONE that was accepting new patients and that process took over a month. To get an appointment can take months. I’d rather not go to the Emergency Room because of cost. Try too get a vaccination! Filled out on-line form for Rite Aid, went in and found out they weren’t giving shots because short handed. Safeway takes over a week to got reservation just for shots. Now they want to add more people wanting healthcare, get real. And try to get your pet an appointment at a vet.

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