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By Donna Westfall – April 26, 2017 -Connie Morrison wants Bryan Ranger out of jail on his own recognizance. Why should her opinion matter?  Because she along with the other members of the Board of Directors of the local taxpayers association have been adding up all the taxpayer money apparently wasted on prosecuting what looks like an innocent man.  If Mercy Ranger’s confession hadn’t been released recently, perhaps the Board would have considered waiting until his trial.  But in light of Mercy’s confession of having had a sexual relationship with her next door neighbor, her allegations against her father just don’t fly.

With her brother recanting, Mercy’s manipulation of the system is costing hundreds of thousands of dollars for public defenders, private investigators, attorney’s, judges, court reporters, transcripts, CPS/Child Welfare Services/ social service workers, psychologists, and keeping Bryan in  jail at over $70/day with $1/2 million bail… and that’s just local taxpayer’s monies.

If you consider state taxpayer’s money, consider this as the numbers mount up because there are nine children.  The majority of them were in foster homes at the rate of approximately $800/month, then adopted out where some adoptive parents are getting $1500/month or more.

Connie is on the Board of Directors of the Crescent City-Del Norte County Taxpayers Association. She hopes that the Del Norte County Supervisors will take their job seriously and start looking into and investigating these expenditures. Additionally, as a retired nurse, she’s very sensitive to the therapy these children will need due to all the stressors the government agencies created in their lives.

What will it take for our politicians to act?  Maybe they’ll act if they see this as an item on the Glenn Beck Show? Maybe the Alex Jones Show or other national coverage talking about of all the money wasted in a community that is a stone’s throw from bankruptcy?

It seems like it would be so simple to release Bryan Ranger on his own recognizance.  If need be, he could have an ankle bracelet although the guy is not a flight risk.  He wants to see his family reunited.   Watch Connie’s three minute public comment in front of the April 25th Board of Supervisors.

3 thoughts on “Local Tax Association decries wasting of taxpayer money on Ranger case”
  1. The teen was in love with the neighbor,the landlord’s 44 year old son, and
    she wanted her parents to sign over custody to neighbor’s mother, who is a lawyer
    or else she would cause trouble for her family with the other children.
    It was not a case of, “I want to leave because my dad is bad.”

    Her dad was frantic about his teenage girls going to the neighbors room above the garage.
    When the landlord’s son bought the teen a $189 camera the father made her give it back
    and that is when the anger exploded into a court case with police and CPS.

  2. This is a stupid article… So any “rebellious” teenager is just lying about a crime that was put forward because it was “out of character”? I’m sorry I have known many sex offenders (including a very close person to me) that it was out of character… If we knew the people who would commit these crimes then these crimes wouldn’t exist as much as they do… And this woman is guilty for choosing a scumbag over her own children… Sick I tell you just plain sick

  3. Thank you Connie for speaking up. You are right, this is wasting a heck of a lot of money. This case will also likely end up costing the taxpayers millions later.

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