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By Donna Westfall – April 10, 2018 – Last year, after Chairman Chris Howard returned from Japan, the Board of Supervisors (BOS) took up a discussion on Senate Bill 54, Sanctuary State.

The discussion centered around the Board sending a Letter of Opposition to our Senator Mike McGuire and our Assembly member, Jim Wood asking them to vote NO on SB 54.

Here’s how they voted:

Gitlin                     YES

Berkowitz             YES

Cowan                   NO

Howard                 NO

Hemmingsen       Abstain

The Republican Party opposes Sanctuary State.  I asked Chris Howard how he can justify his NO vote and seek the endorsement of the Republican Party.  His response, “I voted to table the discussion.”

No. that’s not correct.  You voted against sending a letter of opposition. And you suggested that the discussion be tabled to a later date.

Last night, April 9th, at the Candidates Forum held at the Lake Earl Grange in Fort Dick, the same question was asked and here’s how they answered the question:

Jake Smith          I do not support Sanctuary State, it is in violation to Federal Law

Dave Mason        I would support a letter of opposition to Gov. Brown

Roger Daley        No sanctuary city

Ron Phillips        I don’t support it and never will

Incumbent Chris Howard: “It’s an issue that has been pushed on us. Our job is to listen to the community and the community weighed in and said table it.”

Incumbent Gerry Hemmingsen: “This is one of those distractions that solves nothing in our county. We don’t need to do anything I am in favor of due process.”

And, there you have it.  Is it any wonder that Chris Howard did not get the endorsement of the Republican Party?

Why would Hemmingsen abstain when he was clearly a NO Vote?

The Crescent City-Del Norte County Taxpayers Association sent the following letter to all BOS members as well as all Crescent City, City Council members:

TO BOS and City Council via email April 8, 2018

RE:  Opt out of Sanctuary City/County/State – SB 54 to be placed on the next agenda

Did Governor Brown and the predominantly Democratic legislature force elected officials to violate their oath of office by passing a law mandating that California be a Sanctuary state?

Has SB54 created a free pass for criminals violating one of the tenets for having government which is to protect the safety of their constituents?

Our taxpayers association has voted to send both the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors and the Crescent City, City Council this letter to demand that they place this issue on an upcoming agenda immediately to vote to opt out of SB 54.  If the vote in favor is successful, then we would expect the two Boards to inform our elected Senators, Assemblyman and Congressman and Governor that our city and county have voted to opt out of being a Sanctuary City/County/State.

Our law enforcement men and women should not have to wonder about how to perform their jobs in order to keep us, native born and naturalized citizens safe including those holding green cards.


Wes Nunn, President

Crescent City-Del Norte County Taxpayers Association

By Donna Westfall, Secretary

Now let’s sit back and witness whether or not there will be anything on the upcoming agendas of the two boards.

Next up, a copy of the Ordinance by Los Alamitos City, the first City to opt out of SB 54, but not the last.






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