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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – July 28, 2021

Most people who are constantly being greeted with “just follow the
science” with regards to anything Covid related are beginning to feel
like they just got out of the spin cycle in the family dryer.  Just to
clarify things a bit, what idiot still has any faith in what Dr. Anthony
Fauci’s spews about Covid?  For that matter, who still has any faith
that recommendations by the Centers For Disease Control have any basis
in science?  Wear masks, don’t were masks.  Get the vaccine, get back to
normal, but wait a minute continue to wear a mask in some places and
social distance.  Don’t use Hydroxychloroquine or Invermectin to combat
infection from Covid, its dangerous. and on and on. The problem being
that those that preach “follow the science” don’t.

The science says masks don’t do anything to protect you from Covid. 
Hydroxychloroquine and Invermectin have repeatedly been proven effective
multiple times in reducing the over all effect of Covid infection.  So
what kind of science are we meant to follow? One science says one thing
other scientists say the opposite, how does one decide?  Seems like it
takes a little work that many people do not wish to engage.  They would
rather be slaves to mask wearing, social distancing, and getting the
vaccine in a rather mindless way.  Kind of sad in many respects, their

For over a year and a half many have stepped up to be swabbed and then
vaccinated without the many questions they should be asking themselves
about just when is the promised end of all of this massive invasion of
human rights?  When is the “Medical Science” that populates the media
and all levels of bureaucracy going to give us, the citizens of the
world a straight answer.  The answer could very well be never.  Hard on
the heels of the CDC advisory to labs using the vaunted RT-PCR test,
considered to be the “gold standard of tests”, to shift to other
“approved forms” of Covid testing, came the announcement that the CDC
recommends everyone, including those vaccinated, to return to masking. 
The Biden administration is closing in on mandatory vaccinations for all
federal workers, likely to be followed by “blue state” governors like
Gavin Newsom for their State’s workers.  So, what happened to get
vaccinated, and get on with your life.  With the revelation that the
“gold standard” RT-PCR test is to be shelved by the CDC, what does this
mean for Covid world?

Testing in the medical world has always been a tool to aid medical
practitioners with direction towards aiding diagnosis of a patient’s
health condition.  In most cases it is essential for the medical
practitioner to evaluate the patient in the larger context of
examination as well as test results.  To have the practitioner begin
treatment based solely on the result of testing would be irresponsible
on that professional’s part.  With the introduction of mass testing, in
particular the RT-PCR test, the medical profession has placed a huge
amount of faith that the results are worthy of immediate treatment
without the bother of actual examination.  Now that the CDC has
suspended the use of the most commonly used test for Covid where do we
go from here?

For many it has ceased being “follow the science” and the tired
hysterical preaching of media and government, to wait and see what
develops.  When nearly everything we have been assured by the experts to
do produces no positive results, it becomes hard to follow blindly.  Can
the testing be trusted?  Can vaccines get us back to living normally? 
What exactly is this “science” that we are told to follow when it has
never been detailed in the first place?  Should we believe in the
imaginary science of the nightly news, our governor here in California,
or the local public health genius?  How dangerous is Covid-19?  Surely
nineteen months is sufficient time for the intensive scientific search
for answers about Covid-19 to come up with some kind of unified answers
and not the train wreck of conflicting idiocy that currently faces us. 
Common experiences are telling us a whole different story to what been
regurgitated out of our Medical community, the news, social media, our
governments and leadership up and down all levels.   ARE WE BEING LIED

One thought on “Looks Like The Covid Pandemic Fraud Just Sprang A Massive Leak, Part Two”
  1. Another Great Article by Sam Strait about COVID! Why do we want to take the Vaccine when it can be dangerous? Why not take Hydoxychloroquine or Ivermectin to combat infection from Covid. Both of these drugs have been proven effective! 19 months should have given us enough information to make a decision on what to do .SAM says we are being lied to on a massive scale to fill the pockets with cash and be controlled by the people who are supposed to work for us!

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