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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – July 27, 2021

Have you ever wondered why Common Flu infections vanished about the time
Covid-19 became a serious issue?  Have you ever wondered why there are
so many false positives when testing for Covid-19? Did you ever get the
feeling that everything regarding Covid-19 was not the whole story?  Did
you ever get the sense that declaring “Public Emergencies” at such an
early stage of the quest for a scientific explanation for Covid-19 was
just a bit rushed? If you did have those questions about the vary nature
of what has happened over the past nineteen months and you are beginning
to hear about the same kind of statements from government and health
officials all over again, perhaps it is time for people all over the
world to wake up and look more carefully at what has happened.

For the past nineteen months we have been told the following, that if we
wear masks, wash our hands frequently, social distance, and isolate, we
will slow the spread.  When a vaccine was available, Pfizer’s appeared
in November 2020, with Moderna’s shortly after, things could get back to
normal.  Immediately after the commencement of the vaccine roll out,
disturbing negative outcomes began to appear with increasing frequency,
particularly after the second injection.  As the mortality rate for
Covid-19 began to diminish (0.2% worldwide, 0.17% in the United States)
and negative outcome for those vaccinated appeared (2% for Pfizer, 8%
for Moderna, and 20% for Johnson and Johnson) people became hesitant to
become vaccinated.  It is now well known that vaccination does not
prevent one from being infected nor have the vaccinations completed FDA
testing protocols in order to be removed from experimental status. 
There are a number of widely variable statistics regarding the numbers
of fully vaccinated becoming re infected, but most agree that it ranges
from 50% to 60% of all newly infected individuals.

With the recent uptick in active infections public health and various
government officials are now talking about mandatory vaccinations, and
returns to masking, social distancing, none of which have any scientific
support for being an effective solution to combating the virus, nor have
they worked in the past nineteen months.  If one actually were to follow
the science, it would appear that the Covid-19 virus does not perform in
humans in any more deadly fashion than the Common Flu.  Nor is the virus
able to transmit to others any more easily than the flu.  While little
of this information is readily available to most folks, it none the less
exists, punching gaping holes in the media and public health fictions
about Covid-19.

Recently, July 19,2021, and very quietly, the CDC has informed labs and
medical practitioners that it will withdraw the request by the FDA for
emergency use of the Real Time PCR diagnostic panel, first introduced in
February 2020, which was meant to detect Covid-19.  The change is set to
be made on December 31,2021.  This notice is meant to give labs using
what has previously been referred to as the “gold standard” for
detecting the Corona virus known as SAR-CoV-2 plenty of lead time to
begin using other recommended tests.  A vast majority of testing over
the past nineteen months has utilized this test.  Information has
surfaced out of the FDA regarding this abrupt change in testing for
Covid-19 as a result of the PCR test’s failure to distinguish Covid-19
in samples tested by the FDA from other viruses found in humans. 
Remember the test’s developer, Kary Mullis, explained early on that the
PCR test was NEVER meant to identify viruses. Thus far the test was
administered on an emergency basis, and recently FDA testing has shown
the PCR test to be significantly flawed.  The question then becomes, if
the PCR test cannot distinguish between the Influenza virus or any other
kind of virus (there are thousands mostly benign) and the SAR-CoV-2, how
are we to believe 35 million plus people were actually infected by
Covid-19, and more importantly that 627,039 people died from the same
virus?  Clearly an explanation is in order.  Have we as a nation and the
world for that matter, endured nineteen months of torture over something
that did not exist in the form that media hysteria has portrayed it? 
Are there people in this Country that need to be held accountable for
their actions?  And finally was this about money and power rather than

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