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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – July 29, 2021

Can our Medical Community, the Media, the Government, the social media
monopoly ever be trusted to be honest with the public again?  With
deceit and dishonesty exposed and beginning to unravel the great end of
the world panic over Covid-19, will citizens of this nation begin to
stand up and demand a more rational approach to viruses in the future
and an end to the current intrusions into their lives by a nanny state
government? The Centers for Disease Control is ending its reliance on
PCR tests to determine whether or not a person has Covid-19 on December
31,2021.  If the primary test, the “gold standard” for Covid, does not
work as advertised, why wait for six months?   For that matter, why was
the PCR test primed and ready for use in February of 2020 before we even
knew we had a problem with this virus?  Why was there almost an
immediate call for this test to be utilized in wide scale application
when so little was known about Covid-19?  And what happened to tests are
but a tool for the medical practitioner to work his or her magic?  Drive
up testing, does any one remember?  Money, power maybe?  The testing
industry was a huge money maker for certain people well over a billion
dollars per day.

You do not have to be a scientist or even a medical practitioner to
begin the laundry list of questions that need to be asked of the Media
experts, our government bureaucracy, those in social media, our medical
community, and even those that regularly give us the doomsday count 22,
I believe this week, 2 in hospital and 8 total deaths.  If the PCR test
is faulty and can’t distinguish Covid from other viruses, what do the
numbers even mean?  How serious is our experience with Covid?  Where did
influenza go? Are Influenza numbers mingled with those purported to be
Covid-19 as has been reported?  Did the over all deaths reported in 2020
sharply decline?  Did the elderly really die in record numbers from
Covid, or were those deaths from causes commonly associated with being
old and not Covid-19?  Were people who tested positive for Covid with no
symptoms actually infected and able to transmit the infection to others?

All good questions that should have already been answered, but no, the
federal government, some states, and some local municipalities are set
to turn the clock back with mandates for vaccines, masking, distancing,
reduced capacity for businesses and public events, which leaves us all
where?  Public Officials should not base restrictions on positive PCR
tests, or any Covid test for that matter.  More and more experts are
demanding that misuse of PCR tests are revealing large numbers of false
positives.  That coupled with the recording of single individuals having
multiple tests recorded as “new” positives completely distorts the level
of actual infections.  With the news of the PCR test being unreliable,
it is difficult to understand why public policy to squander individual
constitutional rights and depress the economy has continued to be

If those who continue to base decisions on the “test only model” are
allowed to continue, we will never reach a state of normalcy. Aside from
the unreliability of the testing model, too many other issues have
cropped up that also affect the reliance on the PCR test.  There
continue to be defenders of this specific test, yet there does not
appear to be anything scientific about their arguments.  Most rely on
“shooting the messenger” and not anything that guarantees an acceptable
explanation for any of the troubles testing is experiencing.  The PCR
test relies on very careful handling of the sample and precise
procedures carried out in the laboratory.  This has not happened on the
scale it is being attempted.  It is foolish to say that mass testing can
be equivalent to scientific testing in a science lab.

With the under pinnings of the Covid Pandemic on life support due to
short comings of the mass testing regiment, it is important to realize
that flu season occupied our minds every fall for hundreds of years.  If
testing was the solution for getting a handle on how the flu season
could be approached, don’t you think government would have already
applied such a handy mechanism of control. This is a new world we have
entered and not for the good of the people.  It has long exhausted the
use of “state of emergency” to the point where health safety should be
returned to individuals. How we respond today will go a long ways
towards how we respond to the next “state of emergency”.

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