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Commentary by Samuel Strait – February 12, 2023

The week started off with a bang when former Covid Czar, Antony Fauci,
completely upended the Vaccine narrative in a recent article calling the
modern vaccines “completely ineffective” for use against respiratory
viruses.  Unfortunately for the “Czar” both Covid 19 and Influenza fall
into that category.  He went on to say that a person, vaccinated or not,
may transmit the virus to others for up to seven days before symptoms of
infection may reveal itself, if at all.  Additionally, any benefit of an
intramuscular jab would be unlikely to act directly on the virus during
the lengthy time between actual infection and symptomatic response. 
Further problems with the Covid 19’s Pandemic response was revealed when
even the Centers for Disease Control’s data was called into question
over masking as a non pharmaceutical intervention.  And finally, a
review of over ninety studies on masking has revealed that masking not
only was ineffective as a preventative for transmission or infection of
a virus, but noted that this was well known by the CDC and Dr. Fauci
before the Pandemic existed.

Moving on to the next orgasm of crisis from the left, Climate Change has
been revealed as a fraud when researchers divulged that the earth’s
average temperature has in fact declined over the past eight years by
0.11 degrees Celsius.  That, coupled with the fact that Climate
variation did not come close to reaching its upper limit for the last
several thousand years.  So much for “human caused” climate change. 
More good news came with regard to the earth’s climate when it was
exposed that the benefit to trees increasing by eleven percent and
vegetation as well, has produced an increased CO2 consumption factor of
slightly more than sixteen percent.   Looks like Climate Change is not
the existential catastrophe we have been led to believe.  Whew, dodged a
bullet there as green energy is not likely to be a replacement for
fossil fueled energy for quite a while.

In the mean time even the notion that the “crisis of Democracy” is upon
us with all the “disinformation” being peddled on web sites claiming to
be the standards of truth has taken a hit.  It was revealed by
investigative journalism in the Washington Examiner and in the Twitter
Files, that our Nation’s government is in the censoring business.  Seems
the Biden State Department has compiled a “black list” of web sites that
peddle an array of false, misleading, and uninformative content.  Known
as the “Global Engagement Center”, the GEC, this shadowy group has
targeted conservative groups and their advertisers to diminish and
censor their content.  While the action is handled by a series of non
profits, none the less, it is our government engaged in funding
censorship.  Clearly the left in this country have no limits on the
depths of controlling your life in the most minute fashion.

Trust in government has reached the top of concern for most Americans as
the Biden Administration appears unable to address inflation, crime and
illegal immigration.  As government has grown to an unrecognizable form,
issues that directly affect the American Public remain unresolved.  In
fact the issues seem to be growing in an exponential fashion.  Nowhere
in the Liberal/Progressive realm does a glimmer of success reveal
itself.   It has given the impression to many in the public that
“reparations”, first and foremost, should be directed back to the
taxpaying public for services unrealized.  Sure, those that work have
realized a meager increase in average income, but that has just as
quickly been overrun by raging inflation unchecked by the failings in

Issues that marginalize a majority of the public continue be the talking
points of the Liberal/Progressive mind as if correcting gun control,
social justice, racism, gender dysphoria, and a hundred other societal
complaints is everyone’s chief concern in the Country.  The left cannot
seem to come to grips with the concept that quality of life without the
burden of government nannyism just might weigh heavily on most of those
that live in this Country.  The current observation that improving
quality of life might not be happening and the government overreach
quite possibly may be the cause, will continue to expose the continued
failures of the left.  It has already been enshrined in history for
sometime that consideration of Liberal/Progressive world views as a
success are to be avoided at all costs.  The current version being
applied to this Country will only result in further decline.

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