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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – December 27, 2021

Inspite of all the manufactured hysteria over the new Covid-19 Variant,
The Omicron version, it looks like the human race will survive another
winter.  Early reporting indicates that for most people, they aren’t
even aware that they are infected, hence a rush to get tested. 
Apparently few are aware of the recent discovery that testing isn’t the
best way to find out whether or not you are infected.  Seems the main
test, the RT-PCR test is flawed to the point that the CDC is asking test
laboratories to go to a different test protocol.  Too many false
positives is the word from the FDA.  But likely this will not stop all
the “Karens” out there who believe everything the media regurgitates
about Covid.

Looks like the flood of patients to emergency rooms over fears of Covid
is not well received by those same emergency rooms nationwide.  Most
prospective patients are being sent home with symptoms similar to the
common cold.   Hospitals in New York State are sending nearly as many
home as appear for service in the same day.  Looks like for most that’s
the best that an Omicron virus infection can produce.  Of course that
isn’t going to stop many perspective Covid fear mongerers from preaching
to the end of the world obsessives.  Mental health officials are now
discovering a new disorder among people who hold the current Covid
narrative and its “catastrophic” potential to kill people as a means to
lash out at those that take a more measured and educated view.  Recently
an over wrought “Karen” on a flight from Atlanta to Houston had to be
arrested for assaulting an elderly man on the plane she was riding
because he had lowered his mask to eat.  People have literally been
conditioned by media and the health care establishment over the last two
years to have an irrational fear of the Corona virus.

In December of 2020 the CDC reported the following survival numbers for
people infected by Covid in four age groups which indicate there is
little to fear for anyone.  Survival rates are age 0-19  – 99.99997, age
20-49  – 99.9998, age 50 – 69  – 99.995, and age 70 +  99.946.  Less
than the mortality rate of the flu on any given year.   Naturally none
of this information will be widely spread and the government/media
induced panic will continue.   The huge numbers being reported as deaths
from Covid are fraudulent.  Months ago, the CDC has reported the real
numbers as less than 50,000 for the entire two year period.  The Covid
virus has a mortality rate of less than the common flu and common cold

Unfortunately those that refuse to learn the truth will continue to
babble about “the science”, which doesn’t exist and wail about maskless
and unvaccinated people making them feel “unsafe”.  The same people will
remain steadfast in the fantasy that the vaccines will protect them from
infection and masking up will slow the spread.  No amount of data and
experience will convince them otherwise.  The hope remains as more
people wake up and realize that none of these measures work and it is
safe to be cautious and ignore the obvious attempts by petty
bureaucrats, the Fauci’s, and the media to control them and get on with

One thought on “Looks Like We’ve Managed to Survive Christmas”
  1. Well said Mr. Strait.
    Too much fear mongering hysteria.
    Blaming healthy people for the inadequacies of our health department is crazy.
    It appears we can list insanity to the list of adverse reactions of the vaccine.
    Speaking of insanity, I thought I would tune in to our County Board of Supervisors meeting today. Do they no longer post agendas?

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