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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – February 2, 2022

Since Lord Aaron Stutz gave the recent Board of Supervisors meeting,
January 25th, a pass, we were in the dark about the state of Covid for a
whole week.  Never fear, as the erst while lord of Public Health emerged
this morning in a state of panic, likely as a result of being unable to
peddle more Pandemic misinformation and general media withdrawal
symptoms.  After suitably complaining about media, both news and social
media misinformation, he moved on to paint a growing portrait of
disaster at the local hospital, where another “victim” of the Corona
virus has been reported to Public Health.   The count is now “42” over
the two year span. Because the track record of “reported” deaths, nearly
900,000 now from the Medical Establishment, there has become a certain
level of skepticism when hospitals report deaths from Covid.  This is
understandably so when Lord Stutz’s go to source for medical statistics
has admitted that 94% of reported “Covid deaths” had between one and six
other probable causes.

After Lord Stutz’s whine fest about “misinformation” is complete, he
goes on to suggest that it is the unvaccinated in the County that have
“filled” ICU beds, before admitting to “some” break through cases.  How
generous.  According to the Lord and Master only 54.4% of the County’s
population have had the recommended two doses, among the lowest
percentages in the State.  He went on to claim astonishment over
hesitancy for a “safe and effective” vaccine.  Clear that he has not
heard about the growing numbers of adverse effects stemming from being
jabbed.  No surprise there, as he seems fully immersed in the
“narrative” despite all of its more recent difficulties.  Clearly he is
not understanding of the fact that masking and the vaccine propaganda
peddled by the medical establishment, governments, and the Main Street
Media have taken a severe beating.  Masks are being reported as largely
useless,  the vaccines more of a therapeutic rather than a preventative
and hospitals with large populations of Covid positives that are not
being treated for Covid.  Hmmm…

In a recent publication titled, ” Unmasked”, Ian Miller has stuck a
dagger in the balloon of the mask purveyors.  Masking is something no
credible science supports, yet local Public Health continues the
charade.  Chalk more misinformation up to Lord Stutz.  So, as to
complete the masking demise, it is important to understand that most
medical professionals who support masking have little idea of the size
of viruses, nor of the space between the fibers of even N 95 masks which
allow for easy, unimpeded passage for airborne viruses.   The maxim in
virus labs is ” if you can breath through it, a virus can pass through it”.

Because the very diminutive nature of viruses, you can’t see them, it is
difficult for most to understand viruses in any dimensional way.   As
stated in an earlier article the Covid virus is about 100 nanometers in
diameter.  The space between fibers in an N 95 mask is about 1,000 times
that size, conventional masks about 5,000 times.  We know this how? 
Just as we can use technology, an electron microscope, to see a virus
and measure it.  We can also examine the surface of a mask.  What you
will see looking at a mask under this highly magnified scene is NOTHING,
unless you were fortunate enough to have located one of the mask’s
fibers.  If we were able to blow up the mask to represent a comparison
of the space for the Covid virus to pass through the mask, a basket ball
sized virus would have a space 1,000 feet wide by 1,000 feet tall for
the N 95.  Not much of a deterrent is it, and that is the current
recommended mask to wear by the Medical Establishment.  A cloth or paper
mask spaces would balloon out to an opening of 5,000 feet by 5,000
feet.  Not much of a challenge for a virus.  Bottom line is that masks
do not work, and never have.

Once it becomes clear that vaccines are but therapeutics and do not
prevent infection, the whole narrative dissolves.  Time to get back to
normal.  If there ever was a more convoluted example of Covid hysteria,
it can be found in the narrative about the need to mask and vaccinate to
travel.  Masks don’t work and vaccines are but a preventative, yet the
Federal Government has mandated masking for air travel as well as
testing before a flight, vaccination cards not accepted.  And finally
there is our Governor, Gavin Newsom, caught yet again without a mask at
last weekend’s NFL Playoff and not vaccine carded at the gate upon
entrance.   “Rules for you and not for me”…. for he appears to have
little fear of a Covid infection.   Lord Stutz needs to chill… and
wear a mask if it makes him feel better.

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