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Commentary by Samuel Strait – May 30, 2022

Not that anyone even cares what our local Public Health Officer, Aaron
Stutz has to say these days, it is important to note that he is still
alive and drawing his nice six figure salary from Del Norte County. 
Breath a deep sigh of relief that he isn’t “Covid death” number 49, as
he for some unknown reason can offer no details on the new death “from”
Covid-19.  Of course it is a mystery just how some one dies solely
“from” Covid-19 with all the new therapeutics and “vaccines”  available,
yet there you have it from Dr. Stutz’s own lips.

Lord Stutz goes on to give the latest statistics regarding the County’s
infection count and hospitalizations, much of which seems to be in the
incarcerated population and staff out at Pelican Bay.  So much for lock
downs, face masks and social distancing. One wonders what the
vaccination rate is out at the prison. Still, a bit over 50% in the
local population seems to be acceptable for our Public Health Master so
masks may not be in the immediate future.  With vaccination
ineffectiveness, studies claiming only four to six weeks of protection,
the Public Health Lord still seems to think that vaccination is a tool
in his tool box recommending a yearly jab.  Guess he is unaware of the
growing list of undesirable outcomes from being vaccinated.  Then again,
there hasn’t been much Covid-19 news lately since many in the public
have had it with medical “experts” found to have sold us two plus years
of seriously defective “advice” on how Covid-19 was to be the “end” for
all of us.  Smacks of a lot of things on the “left” side of the
political aisle that are “going” to do us in.

Lord Stutz continues to worry those that cling to their face decorations
with speculation of a “new” variant in the future and a return to
masking fashion statements indoors, but no longer worries about the
local hospital handling waves of Covid.  Those that got the thrill of
dictating Covid policy will have to wait. In the mean time, cases in the
County have reached 78, with one in the hospital.  Pelican Bay is
reporting 103 active cases.   Aside from the nine counties surrounding
San Francisco, Covid-19 has given California a much needed break. 
Hopefully with the new treatments to mitigate the effects of the virus,
hospitalizations and deaths will continue to be in decline.

Needles to say those that wish to wear masks and get vaccinated every
four to six weeks, the world is your oyster.  Hopefully the issues with
vaccines will not come to your door.  Vaccinations remain an option at
public health and various pharmacies in town. Testing has been
contracted out to Optumserve at various sites throughout the County at
different times.  Clearly not everyone has moved on as the world has
developed new news worthy ills to virtue signal over.  Thankfully,
except for the odd mask or two, things have returned more or less to
normal with many in local businesses expecting an improving economic
climate with summer in the winds.  Lord Stutz, in the meantime, should
safely retire to where ever he has been hiding for the past several
months. Covid-19 will hopefully remain in the rear view mirror and
public health policies practiced will be forever banned from use again.

11 thoughts on “Lord Stutz Appears As If By Magic”
  1. Yes thank you AOA, lying, cheating, I think when ballet counting are cought cheating I want their name, photo, front page on newspapers these people should never be trusted again we all need to know their name and what they look like, however the long arm of the swamp may be here already.

  2. Interesting CBS network posted real information at 0300 hours. Had my camera been near I would have photographed the statistics. 40 % of people who were vaccinated and boosted died of what? Covid.

    This year I got covid. I injected Ivermectin into my leg muscle. Within 7 days no more covid. No lingering covid and my tastebuds work just fine.

    A gentleman I spoke to earlier this year road the vaccine train. I spoke with him in April. He got covid in January. His complaints are exhaustion, and still no tastebuds. There is a drug that works but politics have kept it out of the forefront, that drug is Ivermectin. Any doctor who is worth his weight of salt would not dictate to the public to continually inject poison into people knowing it has no effect.

    California Senate will be voting June 6th to force children to take this vaccine. I highly suggest people who are against this to call your senator, unfortunately it’s McGuire who is as bad as Stutz

      1. What listen to Linda S does her research or TV people that have no medical training, no research. thank you Linda

        1. lol research. There are people who have dedicated their LIVES to infectious diseases and Linda (and you apparently) thinks she knows more than them. The same Linda who couldn’t even get 100 votes when she ran for a Board of Supervisors seat. The same Linda who can’t get through 20 seconds of public comment without coughing up a lung.

            1. No witty remarks from me, you convinced me with that article from a reputable source. Any idea if the feed stores around town have the livestock de-wormer in stock? Do they offer an oral version or does it have to be an injection?

  3. What a coincidence, another rash of Covid just in time for elections! Perhaps we will have “Print-at-Home Ballots” again, and restrictions on voting in person. Should we expect another Covid outbreak again during the November elections?

    We must all keep a close watch on our local elections. Vote in-person and demand that your signature be checked while you are in the Recorder’s Office. Get a time and date stamped on the envelope too. I always add at least one fictitious “Write-in” so I can check election records and assure my ballot selections were actually registered. We need Poll Observers or surveillance cameras on ballot boxes to catch “Ballot Harvesting” ballot stuffers who dump piles of fraudulent ballots, and we need to demand full accountability of both ballots and envelopes.

  4. Don’ t just fire him, arrest him for coercing and intimidating the public.
    Or, be complacent with communist policies dictated by domestic terrorist’s.
    No law North of Klamath!

  5. The people of Del Norte County need to act NOW and draft ordinances and protocols that will shield us from further medical abuse from the state and federal government. This is what is coming down the pipe:

    If the people of this county don’t act now–including the removal of government pawns such as Stutz–the lie will be cemented in place, and new medical abuses will be visted upon you and your children.

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