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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – January 25, 2022

Most of the citizens will not pay much attention to Lord Stutz when he
gives his periodic briefings on the state of Covid within Del Norte
County.   Rather than completely ignore his regular bleating about the
current state of his statistical analysis, it might be noted that more
evolution has occurred from the two year narrative even here in closeted
Del Norte County.  While there remains the chronically afflicted with
MFP, it would appear that a certain rationality has emerged among the
population as the narrative continues to evolve then crumble.  Now that
cloth masks has been dismissed as ineffective, one wonders how long it
will take for the entirety of mask mandated and the wearing of masks to
go out of style, shortly to be followed by the ineffectiveness of
endless vaccines.

Back to Lord Stutz’s weekly pronouncements.  It seems that the
quarantine and isolation requirements will be reduced and concerns over
close contact are to be done away with.   Looks like Lord Stutz, or at
least the CDC, has realized how pointless “contact tracing” has become,
only two years too late and billions of dollars down the rabbit hole. 
Nice job public health.  Now the Yurok’s in Klamath have a nice
expensive castle to maintain.  As to the quarantine and isolation
changes, it didn’t do much good to have people in quarantine long after
they ceased to be infectious, but yet, another example of government
simply “doing something” so as not to be perceived as “sitting on their
hands”.  Not that it ever accomplished anything as has been revealed
with the experience of the Omicron Variant.

Public Health, a la Lord Stutz goes on to say that while cases of Covid
have gone up, 134 new cases, a total of 326 active cases, only five have
resulted in hospitalization.  The question that might have been asked
is, “Do the five Covid positives cases represent actual Covid cases or
patients that were admitted for some other condition only to test
positive for Covid sans symptoms?”   The CDC has determined that over
fifty percent of hospital admissions that test positive for Covid do not
in fact receive any treatment for Covid.  Seems that there is another
dynamic in play, more money anybody?

The remainder of Stutz’s utterances are painfully obtuse, with “tightly
fitting” masks, testing, no close contact, and isolation.  All things
that are either irrelevant or pointless and should be left to the
individual rather than at the beck and call of authority.  This may
offend the MFPers, but we have listened to this drivel for two years now
and none of the promised outcomes have come to pass.  Vaccines have been
found to be nothing more than therapeutics and do not stop infection. 
Nor do they prevent transmission.  This has become well established in
the past eighteen months.  The psychosis of serious Covid outcomes has
dwindled as people experience the disintegration of the hysteria
surrounding the Covid narrative.  Much of America has returned to a more
normal place.  We, in Del Norte County, will continue to be regaled by
Lord Stutz’s propaganda until it become so painfully obvious that it is

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