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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – October 23, 2021

Looks like our local Lord, Aaron Stutz, the County’s Public Health
Officer, can’t take the time to read anything beyond CDC guidelines and
pronouncements, and therefore;  is unaware of happenings in the broader
world.  Just as an update for Lord Stutz and any other disciples of Dr.
Fauci and the media, the Omicron Variant is a very weak version of the
Corona virus.  At last report only 1.7% of those who had received its
attention are candidates for hospitalization and very few deaths having
occurred.  In fact the single death in Texas that may have been
associated with the Omicron Variant is not the likely cause of death
being reported in the media.  While our governor is spouting off about
increasing virus counts, he is failing to mention that very few people
infected with the Omicron version are going to hospitals to be treated
as such.

Our local bag over his head, Lord Stutz, keeps bleating the same old
mantra since he was hired and doesn’t seem to get it. Masking,
vaccinations, boosters, and being tested at the drop of a hat, is not
changing the course of events.  It has long been established, not that
you would know it from Lord Stutz’s inarticulate ramblings, that masks
do not work to stop the virus. Multiple studies have confirmed that
fact.  Here in California, the most draconian of the Masked States,
there has been no evidence that masks work.

Vaccines have begun to resemble therapeutics rather than anything that
remotely resembles a preventative against Covid-19.  Most of current
infections by the Omicron Variant of Covid-19 are vaccinated.  In some
cases boosted as well.  Granted the vaccine does represent a therapeutic
which has prevented many hospitalizations, but there is a growing number
of vaccinated cases, no longer being referred to as breakthrough, that
have resulted in death.  Oregon has reported over 600 deaths of fully
vaccinated people.  Being boosted beyond the first two jabs does not
appear to change the dynamic.  It is important to note that being
vaccinated and becoming infected with an asymptomatic case of the
Omicron Variant has greatly enhanced the opportunity for others to
become infected.

Stutz also recommends being “tested” before attending family gatherings
and large group events.  He recommends taking the antigen test, highly
unreliable, or the RT-PCR  test, equally unreliable.  Great advice. 
Recently the often used PCR test was to be removed as a protocol for
determining Covid-19 positivity by December 31, 2021.  Naturally this
announcement by the CDC received little notice by the media or medical
establishments.  No reason was given beyond speculation which included
unacceptable levels of false positives or the protocol could not
distinguish the Covid virus from fifteen other viruses.  All tested
positive using the PCR protocol.

Bottom line is that Lord Stulz’s pronouncements do not appear to have
much credibility in the real world.  People are going to have to use
good judgement when confronting the virus as Stutz’s endless talking
points are getting a bit frayed around the edges. He merely has to say,
“same thing as last week” and be done with it.  Only the fearful will
give him much attention.  There are currently 46 “active cases” in the
County, what ever that means, with no hospitalizations.

4 thoughts on “Lord Stutz Speaks”
  1. Lord Stuz is and has been laughed at in his own community. The school district in siskiyou county stood up against his Nazi Orders.

    Fauci came on CSPAN and stated the boosters are recommended but do not work. Everyone will get Omicron. Governor Nuisance said he was mandating the booster. In the meantime no flu this season. I guess Omicron aka flu took its place.

    And the government scratches its head and wonders why smart people resist their poison. Bill Gates is losing money so the government thinks they have the right to force this upon us.
    Ivermectin is nearly impossible to get because it actually works.

    Well the New Year is upon us. In March Omicron disappears according to Fauci. What next?

    1. Actually, Influenza was reported in both 2020 and this year in the United States and world wide. It is just that the numbers are way down, 16,000 cases in 2020. If the woman from John Hopkins is correct (report filed and removed within days in October 2020) the testing can’t tell the difference between Covid and Influenza A or any of fourteen other viruses. All can show a positive result, which means all of the RT-PCR test results recorded over the past twenty one months are questionable at best. More likely far fewer had Covid than we are being told. October of 2020 the CDC reported that only six percent of recorded deaths as Covid could be reliably recorded as Covid deaths, the remaining had up to six comorbidities that were the more likely cause of death. The censored report from John Hopkins showed a sharp decline in deaths from other causes of death equal to the increase of reported Covid deaths from March of 2020 until the paper was published in October of 2020. Influenza was one of the ten or eleven causes of death that showed a sharp decline after March of 2020. Influenza went from a normal flu year at its peak in January of 2020 to near zero in March of 2020. Kind of suspicious. In the spring of 2020, April I believe, there were already researchers that were trying to put the brakes on the hysteria saying that the A version of Covid wasn’t any where near as death dealing as was being reported. They were ignored. What does that tell about what this was all about, POWER TO CONTROL. The A version of Covid was reasonably mild and only certain unhealthy people mostly elderly had to be protected. The Delta version was a bit more inclusive, still only unhealthy people had to be concerned. The Omicron version is very mild and easily transmissionable which is good news, because we may quickly get to herd immunity faster and be done with the worse of it. Those that are vaccinated will get a dose of Covid and actually be protected, something the vaccines can’t do. The only problems left are the media, bureaucrats, and the Fauci adoring medical establishment which need to be weaned from the power pulpit and sent packing. Then maybe things can get back to normal.

  2. The people of Del Norte need to form a citizens tribunal, deputize a small force to go to southern California, drag Stutz out of his home and place him under citizens arrest, and bring him to Del Norte to be placed on trial for his crimes against humanity.

    This needs to happen, and the world needs to watch us do it.

    If a small community such as ours can resolve our own problems, we can create a domino effect that will run its course across the planet.

  3. The County should fire this Dr. Death. The Trinity Sherriff’s department should arrest Dr. him for domestic terrorism. The health department is the true “PLAGUE” to our community. Body Autonomy! Civil Rights! We are too strong a community. Enjoy the Holidays with friends and family. Remember and value what makes our Community and Country Great. Stronger Together!

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