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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – March 13, 2022

On Tuesday, March 8th, Lord Stutz resurfaced to further spout
misinformation regarding the Corona Virus before the Del Norte Board of
Supervisors.  Apparently Lord Stutz continues to rely on information
from the Centers For Disease Control.  As we have learned over the
course of the Pandemic the CDC has become a heavily political
organization with moneyed interests along with the Federal Drug
Administration and no longer can be trusted to provide accurate
information regarding this particular virus.  The patents that the CDC
controls have caused the CDC to provide radically differing portraits of
the extent of the impact of the virus on the US population.  This allows
the CDC to continue to profit enormously by falsely representing the
Corona virus as a world ending threat to the world’s populations to
maintain this revenue stream.

In his brief appearance on March 8th, Stutz made several false
statements regarding the nature of vaccines and the mortality rate
within this Country in an effort to support his misleading contentions
that his doctrine for community protection was warranted.   Several
issues of the nature of “vaccination” have resurfaced recently which
relegate the Pfizer and Moderna jabs to therapeutic status.  The
companies themselves have admitted that they DO NOT CONFER IMMUNITY
period.  There are several other therapies that are just as effective. 
With the revaluation that these “vaccines” are in fact gene therapies
and provide no immunity it is understandable why they do not prevent
infection even over a very short period of a few weeks.  While Lord
Stutz appears to claim that to be “fully vaccinated” one must experience
further boosting every three to six months because the virus mutates and
make previous “jabs” ineffective.

This is incorrect, as the Covid “vaccines” are not vaccines in the
truest sense of the word, but simply therapies.   Their efficacy is
greatly diminished over as little as a two week period.  It has nothing
what so ever to do with mutation of the virus.  The gene therapies have
very limited efficacy against the virus much like any therapeutic
offered for any respiratory illness.   This has become a huge problem
for the Covid dictators in this Country, as they can no longer claim
that becoming “fully vaccinated” will make anyone “immune” to the virus
and, therefore; entitles them to claim they are “protecting the
community” by insisting everyone become fully “vaccinated”.   Just as
masking, social distancing, hand washing, and lockdowns are NOT
effective nonpharmaceutical measures to protect against viruses.

Lord Stutz further buries himself by producing a graph complied by the
CDC which is in direct conflict with other assessments of mortality here
in the US.  As early as October of 2020 statistical data from the CDC in
a week to week graphing showed that Covid deaths rose in direct
correlation to the decline of eleven other most common causes of death
in the United States.  That pattern has continued until recently when
individual states have begun reexamining deaths in their respective
states to determine actual cause of death for many individuals
classified as Covid deaths. The results closely follow the claims early
on that most “Covid” deaths were not from Covid.  The figures provided
range from 4% to 6% of previously recorded deaths meaning that the toll
from Covid has been vastly inflated.  The most recent reevaluation in
Massachusetts has them reducing their mortality from Covid by ninety

One could not help but notice Lord Stutz’s waffling when describing the
latest deaths not “from Covid”, but associated with Covid.  It was
establish from the outset, that because you tested positive for Covid,
does not mean you will experience any debilitating effect from it.  
Nearly 70% of those testing positive for Covid are asymptomatic, and a
further 17% have few symptoms and do not experience any negative outcome
from infection.  It seems that only those with a list of chronic medical
issues and possible old age are having the vast majority of negative
outcomes.  The remaining portion of the population that is otherwise
healthy has little to fear from a Covid illness whether “vaccinated” or
not.  School age children are by far the least like to suffer from the

One thought on “Lord Stutz’s Latest Version Of Misinformation”
  1. Yeah Stutz likes to use the word “misinformation “ because the directive put out by the White House on February 7, 2022 states that you’re a domestic terrorist if you don’t follow what the White House is shoving down our throats regarding vaccines.

    Even Fauci stated vaccines are not guaranteed and you will get Covid if you have taken the vaccine.
    Are people going to go along with having this unapproved vaccine every 6 months as Stutz suggested?
    This is nothing more than propaganda to obtain and fulfill their pharma greed.
    Maybe with new supervisors we can fire Stutz.

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