Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

I recently re-read the article Dr. John Tynes wrote almost two years ago in a Coastal Voices article for the Daily Triplicate in Crescent City that he…. “can say without hesitation to you, my patients and my friends, that fluoridation is safe, and, equally important, it is also good for our health.”
I’m no doctor, but I can tell you from personal experience that fluoride causes me to have seizures. I didn’t realize this until I moved out of Crescent City for almost 6 months.
During the time I was living out of Crescent City, I was drinking and bathing in well water and bottled reverse osmosis water… My seizures decreased and my medications were greatly reduced by my doctor almost to the point of taking me off of them.
When I moved back into the area and resumed drinking and bathing in city tap water, my seizures increased and I landed in ER after a ten minute shower. I learned that fluoride is absorbed through the skin, which I didn’t know. For someone as allergic to the hydrofluosilicic acid (HFSA) in our tap water as I am, it cost more money for me due to the physical injuries I sustained from the seizure, the hospitalization and lab tests. For the people who think that HFSA is safe to drink and bathe in and that no one has been harmed, guess again? I have been harmed!
When I went to the Crescent City, city council and told them about this and that it has kept me from functioning in an everyday society including not being able to drive or get a job, Mayor Kathryn Murray and Councilwoman Kelly Schellong sneered at me which added insult to injury.
Then another council meeting where I tried talking about the “Rethink your Drink” program being good except for encouraging the drinking of fluoridated tap water, I was told to stop talking by Mayor Murray, and I was escorted out by Police Chief Doug Plack.
I looked over a list I found of the four stages of fluoride poisoning and never saw anything about seizures. Everything from thyroid dysfunction, depression, headaches, neck stiffness to hair loss, muscle spasms, joint pains, numbness, sleep disturbances, tinnitus and more. The list looks endless, but not complete.
For people in Crescent City that have been fooled and tricked by the “trust me because we’re you’re friends” all I want to say is good luck. I hope you realize someday that you are slowly being poisoned to death and other than Councilwoman Donna Westfall, the rest of the city council acts like they couldn’t care less.
Stating that they are only “policy makers” makes me wonder what they base their policies on? Bad advice? Bad science? Bad lobby groups? Ignorance?
Gini Aland
Crescent City, Ca. 95531


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