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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – October 9, 2019 –

Last week I wrote about the Leftist national depiction of unhinged idiocy.  I have a few thought provoking comments based on readily observable facts having to do with current events.

Most of us who are awake have heard that the Saudi oil fields were hit by drones attributed to Iran through their intermediary.  Haven’t we all been told how wonderful it is that America is energy independent?  So how is it possible that gasoline in the Fruit and Nut State of Kalifornia shot up some 60 cents per gallon?

Here is my analysis.  Gasoline is a product of crude oil.  Crude oil per barrel rose from $54 to $65 in the week after the hit.  That should have increased the price of gas by 33 cents based on 3 cents for every dollar.  However, the crude price is now $52 per barrel which is lower than where it started.  Taxes haven’t risen since the last increase to my knowledge.

Normally there is a lag as supplies are bought on the commodities market and have to be worked through.  Marketers raise their price immediately generating unwarranted profits.  So why hasn’t the price gone back down?  Gas outside of California averages $2.65 per gallon nationwide.  Is it only California retailers who are raping the consumer?

Next current topic: PG&E shutting down power for two days due to high winds.  Analysis:  Up until last year when 26 separate fires occurred, wind was never a problem.  PG&E declares bankruptcy because of insurance claims.  The media tells us that to get out of bankruptcy, PG&E has to protect itself and fund needed infrastructure repairs.

So tell me why their executives got millions of dollars for managing a company poorly, running it into the ground by not taking care of basic maintenance, destroying customers’ and consumers’ safety, and laughing all the way to the bank while Jerry Brown’s and Gavin Newsome’s court let them soak all of us a second time?  What has happened to moral conviction and ethics in leadership?  Local government is no different.

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