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The Convention of States Team – April 5, 2022

On January 25, 2022, the Wisconsin
state legislature made history by
becoming the 16th state to pass the
Convention of States Resolution!
Like the 15 states before them, they
passed a resolution calling for an Article
V Convention of States to rein in
federal power, impose fiscal restraints
on Congress, and mandate term limits
for all federal officials.

“Thank goodness our Constitution has given
the states and the people a framework
to step in and save the Republic when
Congress will not. Today we sent a message
that Wisconsin stands ready to rein in
federal overreach,” said Wisconsin State
Senator Kathy Bernier following the
historic vote.

“Times like these are precisely why the
Founders created the mechanisms in
Article V,” agreed Wisconsin State
Representative Dan Knodl. “Federal
overreach has thrown our country
into chaos, and it’s time for the
states to exercise their authority as
granted to them in the Constitution
to restore order, states’ rights, and
limited, constitutional government.
I’m incredibly proud that our state
has officially thrown its support
behind this movement.”

Our entire team in Wisconsin worked
tirelessly for this victory. This success
has been years in the making, and the
message we send is clear: We the People
are fed up with big-government tyranny.
Consistent with the state strategy
for passage, we focused our efforts
on passing the Assembly early in the
legislative session. Then, we carried the
momentum from that 58-36 victory
over to the WI Senate for the more
challenging fight that we knew was ahead.

Our team got to work. They organized
booths at gun shows and county fairs,
block walking campaigns, phone bank
missions, letter writing campaigns, and
rallies at the state capitol to galvanize
COS activists in every district to urge
Wisconsin State senators to pass the
Convention of States Resolution.

Their hard work paid off. The Senate
voted to pass AJR 9 by a vote of 17-16!

Not even the mainstream media could
ignore such a historic achievement. The
story was picked up by the Associated
Press,, US News and
World Report, and Fox News among
many other media outlets.

Wisconsin’s victory was historic in its
own right, but it also gave us the added
momentum we needed in the next
state to pass the Convention of States
Resolution: Nebraska

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