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Submitted August 6, 2018 –

Mark Meuser, Candidate for California Secretary of State

Another exciting week on the campaign trail. This past week I visited 10 different counties. On Tuesday I visited Big Bear Valley where Assemblyman Obernolte and the Mayor Rick Herrick of Big Bear escorted me on their bikes into town; talk about the red carpet treatment. On Wednesday, Konstantinos Roditis, candidate for California Controller, joined me on the bike tour. Rodi (as I like to call him), will be with me for the last 23 days of the 46 day #ElectionsMatter California Bike Tour.

Some of the other highlights of the week include Congressman Steve Knight introducing me at an event in Lancaster, getting a tour of Stafford’s Chocolate in Porterville, and eating Ice Cream at Superior Dairy in Hanford.

On Sunday morning, I woke up hearing a strange noise outside the RV (dubbed the Mark II by my staff). I instantly recognized the noise as someone removing the bikes from the bike rack. I decided to get up and investigate and when I came around the corner of the RV, I discovered that the potential thieves had already cut the cables and had been just seconds away from stealing two bikes. We called the police and they examined the video surveillance cameras installed by the RV park and they knew instantly who the two potential thieves were. Roditis said afterwards that if I am this vigilant in making sure his bike was not stolen, imagine how vigilant I will be when it comes to protecting the vote of all Californians.

One year ago, today, I was approached about running for California Secretary of State. The thought of running for Secretary of State had never entered my mind prior to that moment. It took them about six weeks to convince me that this is what I needed to do to help fight for a better California. Once I agreed to run, I have not looked back and it has been full speed ahead.

Three months from today, Californians will be going to the polls to vote for their next Secretary of State.

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