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By Donna Westfall – May 20, 2018 –

Mark Meuser for Secretary of State

If you’ve ever tried doing business in California, you know that there are more road blocks than you can shake a stick at.

Mark Meuser plans to shake up the position and treat it like it should be:

  1. California needs a Secretary of State who will fight to protect the rights of citizens to vote and petition their government.
  2. California needs a Secretary of State who will restore the people’s confidence in open, secure, and fair elections.
  3. California needs a Secretary of State who will utilize the knowledge and experience of Silicon Valley to modernize the way businesses register in the State.

What’s wrong with the way things are? There is increasingly-severe voter integrity issues throughout California. In his speech before the Del Norte Republican Party Saturday, May 19th, he stressed the need to keep our State based on the rule of law and not let it become diluted by allowing illegal aliens to vote just so the Democrats have a larger voter base.

Let’s look at his background:

Mark Meuser is a native Californian and a small business owner, committed to fighting for honest and fair elections.

From a young age, Mark was an entrepreneur. At age 12, he would pick cherries in the morning and then have a street-side cherry stand that he would operate in the afternoon. He was also hard at work taking care of orphaned animals, bottle-feeding sheep, pigs, and cows. Mark believes that these years of developing character through hard work were important, formative years in his life.

By age 15 he was in a management position at a local restaurant. By age 21, he purchased his own pizza restaurant. While his restaurant business was thriving, Meuser began studying law. He graduated with honors from the Oak Brook College of Law.

To better help small businesses owners handle California’s complex regulatory environment, he opened The Meuser Law Group. Meuser operated a diverse civil litigation firm that represented both individuals and small businesses. Meuser’s unique training has taught him how to listen to people, formulate creative alternatives, and achieve workable solutions to real problems.

As an attorney, Meuser won a major victory against United Airlines. In the case of Gilstrap v. United Airlines, Meuser represented a disabled American. Ms. Gilstrap had been injured by United when they failed to follow applicable Federal Rules in how they handled her travel. United argued that they were not liable to disabled Americans for their violations of Federal Rules. Meuser successfully argued before the 9th Circuit that disabled Americans like Ms. Gilstrap were entitled to seek damages against Airlines if they were injured as a result of the Airlines violating Federal Rules.

In his free time, Meuser loves being outdoors enjoying California’s natural beauty. Whether he is hiking, bike riding, sailing, scuba diving, or snow skiing, Meuser is always quick to enjoy the diversity this state has to offer. Meuser’s favorite bike ride was a five day trip riding down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Orange County.

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