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By Linda Sutter – July 20, 2023


The defunct Tri-Agency will be providing a dog and pony show for public members to voice their opinion of whether to stop spending taxpayers dollars on a defunct agency.

The Tri-Agency was developed 50 years ago for the benefit of economic development. In 2009 the Tri-Agency began showing signs of distress when businesses they loaned money to defaulted leaving a $290,000.00 shortfall and owing the USDA this money. At that time, the Del Norte Economic Development Corporation took over the financial aspect of Tri-Agency under direction of Crescent City Finance Director Eli Naffah. Later the Del Norte Economic Development Corporation would also close their doors and became Subject of a federal investigation of bad faith lending practices.

By 2012 the former Tri-Agency Director Renfroe closed the doors of the Tri-Agency and resigned. 

In October 2022 these 3 entities that formed the Joint Power Of Authority, AKA Tri-Agency; Crescent City Council, Del Norte Board of Supervisors and Crescent City Harbor District conducted a public meeting where 10 people from the public made an appearance. During that time these elected took $290,000.00 of public money to pay back USDA after letting thus bill linger for 10 plus years and placing them on a “do not loan” list.

Where do you think that money came from? Measure R and Measure S because those funds are kept in the general fund.

Now what the Tri-Agency wants to do is to continue wasting tax dollars in order to keep it alive and well. What the public does not know is these people already voted In public forum to use $110,000.00 dollars to hire staff for the Tri-Agency. 

Folks it is a pig and a poke. Brian Stone Harbor District Commissioner was quoted stating the bylaws and procedures had changed and no new loans would be given for economic development.  That was found to be untruthful because a public request for information was submitted requesting  documents to support his statements. Del Norte County Council responded stating there were no records demonstrating the Tri-Agency new bylaws, policies, or procedures. 

In other words these elected want to spend $110,000.00 on fake personnel, fake office, leading us down a continued economic disaster.

The Tri-Agency argument is this will bring jobs to Del Norte County through the windfarm program. That is another untruthful remark for several reasons. 

Crescent City does not have the infrastructure to build a 5 acre transfer station to move the electricity to the outlying areas of our County.

The personnel that would be needed to construct such a structure are all specialized and would be brought in to Del Norte County. They would need approximately 9,000 specialized workers to construct the job. There are not enough homes or rentals to bring in this many people.

Once the job was complete Crescent City would experience a mass exodus as these workers would no longer be needed.

Del Norte County does not have the money it would need just to obtain the grants. The money it would cost to erect the windmills in the ocean, bury the cables, and connect to a transfer station, and to electrical lines would cost billions. The land mass needed is not available.

In essence, these elected have one thing on their mind and one thing only. Gentrification. They want to push you and I out of our homes in order for the elite to take over.  THEY WANT to take this small town fishing community and destroy it.

Is this what you want?

4 thoughts on “MARK YOUR CALENDAR: JULY 25, 2023 5 P.M. VETERANS HALL”
  1. The song “Try That in a Small Town” by Jason Aldean cautions Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters and looters from attempting their antics in rural America. Our large cities are ruled by corrupt governments that redistribute mountains of cash to their own local Good Ole Boys by pandering to segments of their communities that further the elite’s agenda. We have much the same happening here in Del Norte; only the majority of harm to the residents is done in government meetings instead of the streets. I wonder if Del Norte could be considered “Small Town America.” Would Del Norters actually take a stand against illegal acts against local shop owners, the elderly and disabled? They certainly turn a blind eye against the predations of our local government.

    There was a time in America when thieves, junkies, and those who openly assault the elderly, disabled, women and children would be beaten senseless and left for dead. Now, the predators are shielded from consequences, with the victims and those who protect them becoming targets of the law. We see this in our local stores with shoplifters, on our streets with open-air drug trafficking and prostitution, and also in our government meetings. There was a time when flim-flam-artists, swindlers, scalawags and scoundrels were rounded-up to be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail. Those days are done. Now these con-artists run our governments, and political criminals are seemingly above the law, protected from their victims by our “Justice System.” This is true on a Federal, State and Local level.

    It is clear that Del Norte is not the community that it was a hundred years ago. Those were an independent and hard-working people with grit, determination, common-sense and self-respect. They have been replaced with a community of cowardly lack-luster, limp-wristed, sold-out, self-serving, naive chumps. None will lift a finger in local politics, our local stores, or on the streets. Aldean might have been right about the rest of Small Town America; but it does not apply to Del Norte County, California. There are laws in place here that will put “Extremist Vigilantes” in jail or prison.

    Del Norters are 100% California. Right is wrong, and wrong is right; and criminals rule the day from top to bottom. Jack London once wrote that there is no law north of the Eel River, and no God north of the Klamath. We are a place where the Satanic principals of treachery, deception and betrayal are not only tolerated; but expected.

    Perhaps it is time to actively protest our government; organize our own public meetings and rallies, picket government meetings and Good Ole Boy businesses and establishments. Petition for the immediate removal of those who betray us, with no replacements; because they will just get bought-off by the Good Ole Boys also. Maybe we could replace our local incorporated governments with chartered governments that actually serve the population as a whole. Even better, we could resurrect the State of Jefferson movement, or join the Greater Idaho movement and secede from the infernal State of California entirely. Then we could abolish the demonic system that will eventually doom us all.

    1. Agree, the other day I realized we have no law enforcement here. Speed limits, shopping carts, illegal burning, shoplifting, littering, fireworks, people going through my garbage cans, and barking dogs off the top of my head. Guess I gave up. I’ve contacted authorities about some things but nothing was done.

  2. Years ago I took a tour of Hoover Dam. We went through Boulder City and we were told they don’t allow expansion until they can handle it, e.g., homes, utilities, roads, etc. Don’t know if that still goes on but I was impressed. I wish we could adopt that policy. I hear people are leaving California but it sure as heck is growing here. And our leaders encourage more growth such as tourism, more people, and outrageous projects. We can’t maintain our infrastructure now. Here we go again: hire staff for the TriAgency. Seems our leaders like to hire and spend. My utility bills keep rising and we are about to be warned to conserve water because of a drought. Don’t tell me to conserve when you keep encouraging tourism and more people. Don’t hear much for the people that live here now. Try to get a doctor or vet appointment. One motel probably uses more water than I will in a year. Slowly we are destroying this area. We can go to the meeting but they will do what they want.

    1. You are right to say the elected do as they want with complete disregard toward the constituents who pay their checks. Darrin Short gets 3 checks a month. One from the fire department, one from the California Department of Corrections and now one from the County. He demonstrates a complete disregard to the public as well as a complete disconnect. Must be all that money he collects. Blake Inscore a local preacher serves two masters. He tries to tell the public how we should listen to him while the dagger he holds behind his back silently stabs the public. He ignores what the public wants and is part of the destructive Elected Team. Kelly Schellong is still dumb as ever, only her cuteness has faded and she sits on the city council again without vision. It seems that is all that board knows how to appoint. The three chimpanzees from the Harbor District go without saying, decided to add a presentation on offshore wind farms. You know the kind that will destroy fish and mammals of the sea. Yeah, the public had to endure this very unwelcomed presentation. Dean Wilson who represents 5th district forgets he is up for re-election. He has shown the public he will not fight for his constituents but will fight against them. Darrin Short is up for re-election so he absolutely is as worthless as one can get. Isaiah Wright thinks being silent without committing to anything works for him. He too is a disaster and wants us to lose our ability to fish off our coastline. but what can I say, Crescent City is what it is because of who you elect. look around when you going to stop the nonsense.

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