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By Linda Sutter – October 13, 2022

On October 25, 2022 a joint powers meeting will be held at the Veterans Administration building located at 810 H Street in Crescent City at 5:30 pm. The subject matter to be discussed between 15 elected is regarding using public money to bail out this Tri-Agency.

The main dealers of this unfortunate event is Chris Howard, Darrin Short, Wes White, Brian Stone, Blake Inscore and Jason Greenough. They want the Harbor District, the City Council, and the Board of Supervisors to vote to give them $288,000 of public money to allegedly pay back USDA loan that has been in default since 2018.

Rest assure, not only do they want the public to bail them out, they want the public to allow them to continue this Tri-Agency that cannot afford personnel and has been defunct since 2018. In other words they want the taxpayers to pay for a fake agency.

I hope you all will consider coming to this very important meeting to speak out on this outrageous misuse of public funding. We have to pay for their incompetence and they want to continue to be a Tri-Agency.

No. if we have to bail you out its time to end this hot mess.

No More Tri-Agency.

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