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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – July 24, 2022

One other noticeable trait found only in the low information inhabitants
of both Portland and Seattle is the continued over reliance on masking
to avoid infection from the dreaded Covid-19 virus.  Most people no
longer are subject to the belief that masking had any positive benefit
towards avoiding becoming ill from a virus.  Even those that had not
experienced the dreaded contact with Covid are finding it unavoidable no
matter how well immersed in government talking points, or what the level
of “safety” was being assured if only Public Health protocols were

It is hard to penetrate the mind set of individuals who have “bought”
into the notion that masking or even full vaccination including
boosters, will provide any sort of guarantee against any virus, let
alone the current version of Covid-19.  Clearly, it now should be
plainly evident, when one of the most protected persons on the planet,
our unbalanced president, cannot seem to avoid becoming infected, let
alone ride a bicycle properly.   It has become almost an event of
hilarity to see one clinging to masking as some sort of “magic” shield
against the inevitable exposure to what ever version of the virus that
happens to be circulating.

There remains some in this State, California, that appear to be on the
verge of reinstituting indoor masking in spite of clear evidence that
its benefits are non existent and its negatives are a legion.  Leave it
to Urban areas of the Country and those States, California, New York,
Illinois and other “blue” states to continue this insanity.  I suspect
it will be a hard sell for much of the rest of this Country, where Covid
dictators no longer have their citizens in thrall of the pandemic of the
century.  It is unlikely that the “empty suit” in California, who
appears to have designs on the White House will budge from his
Progressive base to add rational decisions to his repertoire.  Should
those that were reluctant to remove Mr. Self Important from his post as
governor, one only hopes that you are enjoying the results of your
imprudent vote.

While there are a lot of things wrong within the State of California,
going back to pandemic era mistakes will not likely solve anything we
will face until Democrats in California are forced to release their
destructive grip on power in Sacramento. Fear of Covid for most in this
Country has gone the way of most Progressive policy making and it is
time for folks to begin the path back to a saner more stable society. 
The current crop of leadership in California will continue to ignore any
effort to rein in those that do not have the best intentions for those
that they govern and will revert to mandates that have no merit in
stemming virus infection that occurs every fall no matter what. The
entire range of mandated policy for Covid should be eliminated
immediately and prevented from being returned in the future. Science has
found them to be wanting.

During this entire period of the pandemic, governing policies have been
found to be exactly what not to do when facing this sort of threat. 
What has been the most unfortunate lesson from this past two years is
that it could have been avoided had those who said it would not work
were heeded.   Not only has the response to Covid been overstated, but
much of our “Expert” class revealed as frauds.  Politicians, the Medical
establishment, the Education Community and the Media have damaged their
collective reputations that will take many years if at all to be
restored.  Those that continue to insist that what they have done
benefited those in this Country should pay a steep price for their
foolishness. Those that continue to mask and continue to virtue signal
should receive the disrespect they are entitled.  Covid needs to find a
way to be in everyone’s rear view mirror and life return to normal.

One thought on “Masked Wonders, Do Indeed Exist”
  1. Today’s (March 24th) edition of the NY Times has a map of the United States where the counties are shaded according to the the “average daily Covid-19 cases per 100,000 people”. Only two counties west of the Rockies are shaded black for the highest level of Covid-19: Del Norte and Imperial. The rest of the counties are shaded to reflect lesser levels. Both ends of California have the highest levels (black) and every county in between are shown in lesser shades of gray.

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