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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – December 29, 2021

Looking around town lately and even behind the counters of many
businesses, the current mask mandate no longer appears to be on many
minds these days.  More people are starting to wake up to the fact that
being masking  robots to be virtuous, or feel safe is about like wearing
socks while swimming and expecting them to stay dry.  Not much of a
chance there.  The State’s “mask mandate” from December 15,2021 until
January 15, 2022 does not find near as many takers who inhabit the
governor’s cow pasture while wearing their masks.  Businesses are
looking to get back to normal with the ability to look at the customer
in the face without wondering whether or not this was a hold up.

It has become almost tiresome to repeat that science does not find any
value in masking to prevent transmission or reception of viruses.  
Numerous studies over the past two years have confirmed that little bit
of information many times over.  Similar to masking, there is no known
distance that is completely safe from the same.  Social distancing is a
phony way for all the fraud peddlers to make you think you can avoid
infection and that they are giving you “good” advice to prevent sickness.

The Omicron variant of Covid-19 has pretty much relegated all
government, media, and medical establishment propaganda to the trash
bin.  None of the commonly mandated “remedies” for Covid-19 work to
prevent transmission or from having the virus infect. Recent
announcements by Lord Fauci state clearly that if you haven’t had the
booster, you are not fully vaccinated.  The problem with that statement,
is, it is another lie by our Covid in Chief.  73% of all Omicron
infections are vaccinated, many of them have had the booster.  If it
wasn’t for the fact that the Omicron version is the relatively weak
sister variant  of Covid, we may have had “Ice Cream Cone” Joe Biden’s
version of a “winter of despair and death”.   Fortunately, that is not
the case.

The current effort by the spin masters is to say hospitals are over run
and we continue to have large numbers of infections, but
hospitalizations often result in Omicron infection post admittance and
the death rate from Omicron thus far is non existent.  Many people
seeking treatment from having been tested are admitted and often
released in the same day.   Crowding continues at hospitals from the
over riding fear of the virus that has been imprinted on many Americans
by media hysteria on the evening news.  It hasn’t stopped with the new
Omicron variant.  Much of the recent flood of Covid patient are normally
admitted and released because they have no symptoms or are only mildly
affected.  This is the mental mania that has been created first with
masking, social distancing, hand washing, and lockdowns, now with
vaccines, two doses then three. What next, pills for every American to
take daily?

People need to understand that even if you accept the fraudulent numbers
posted by John Hopkins and other media sources, in two years less that
ten percent of the entire population of the United States has tested
positive for SAR-COV-2.  Without masks, social distancing and lockdowns,
the flu has reached about the same number of infections every year for
many decades.  It is irrational to continue with this charade now that
the Omicron variant has literally destroyed the mainstream narrative
about Covid.  Time for the rest of the sheep to come out of the cow

2 thoughts on “Masking Has Reached Its Limit?”
  1. With all the hullabaloo about the dreaded monster Omicron; how many people HAVE DIED worldwide? I ask that you all do your math. Considering the world population, what percentage have died from Omicron? For that matter, what percentage have died from all forms of Covid-19? How do these figures stack-up against deaths from other “traditional” plagues from cancer to car wrecks? Has this “Pandemic” merited the removal of our Constitutional Liberty and the destruction of free enterprise and the American Middle Class?

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