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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – April 20, 2022

For some time now it has become crystal clear that masks neither prevent
virus transmission or prevent anyone from becoming infected by a virus. 
That, for all the Covid “Karens” out there is the current science on the
matter.  It could change, but every recent scientific study has
concluded, abet reluctantly in some cases, that masks, including N95
masks, offer little in the way of protection.   That, in fact was the
state of science on masking even before the pandemic.  It was then with
great appreciation for those of us that were resistant to being told to
“wear a mask” while on board public transport, to learn that in a few
cases our judicial needs are met.  A couple of days ago, a federal judge
in Florida struck down the Centers for Disease Control’s mask mandate on
public transport as an over reach of the bodies’ authority. Naturally
those that exercised power from masking mandates and the fearful
“Karen’s” of the world began their collective wail of despair.  Most of
the rest of us felt a return to normalcy was one step closer to reality.

But hold on just a minute.  While the Biden Administration appeared to
take the “news” with ill grace, there was no immediate effort to contest
the decision or call for injunctive relief. President “Ice Cream Cone”
Biden seemed to allow for individuals to decide whether to wear a mask
or not in the immediacy of the announcement.  But, it looks like Biden
is not the only idiot in the current administration.  Biden’s
utterances, which in retrospect seem infinitely more coherent than the
Department of Justice’s, were shuttled aside by that same Justice
Department indicating it would not seek injunctive relief, but would
pursue an appeal of the court’s decision should the CDC warrant it.  
And the “clown show” with the CDC chipping in with their part of the
show by “insisting” that the mandate for masks was “still” necessary.

In the meantime passengers on public transport, except for those
companies that haven’t gotten the memo, will be without masks for those
that wish it, and the fearful may continue to wear face decorations. 
This wrangling in court over masks on public transport is likely to at
least last for several months, making the summer travel season  some
what more bearable.  Should the Florida judges’ ruling be reversed, it
would come just in time for mid-term elections.  Just another “popular”
item for Democrats to contend with in their efforts to remain in step
with an American public that is for the most part “over” being terrified
by the Corona Virus.  If the government’s efforts to over turn the
ruling fails, it will be another stinging rebuke of federal policy that
will have to be faced in November.

It is not quite understandable exactly why the DOJ would pursue an
appeal at this time as the mandates are due to go away on May 3rd
anyway, that is unless, it has already been determined that the mandates
are to continue.  Another summer of travel masking would not bode well
for Washington’s dictators, yet it appears that the welfare to the
public is the farthest thing from the minds of the power elite in DC. 
The question becomes, “has it ever been?”

At this point where masks and choices over vaccination have been relaxed
nearly every where, will the American Public be stampeded into another
hysterical reaction to virus pandemics in the future?  With a growing
revaluation that the response to Covid-19 was irresponsible in so many
ways, can trust in many American Institutions ever be restored?  It very
likely has established in the minds of many Americans a sense of
hesitation over anything the media, government, or Public Health passes
for a benefit or a measure of “your” individual safety.   For awhile at
least, and perhaps longer, some changes in the future to protect against
government overreach will occur and normal life in the United States
will resume.  Will the rest of the world follow?  Maybe not, until the
current Administration is but a memory, and not a good one…

2 thoughts on “Maskless On An Airplane, Not If The Biden Administration Can Help It”
  1. If only it were true. After the past two years of CDC lies, you give that any kind of credibility? There are only at least six other major studies by very credible sources, one a Dutch study of six thousand individuals showing NO statistical difference between those that wore masks and those that did not. All who were masked wore the N95 mask. In addition to mask studies, there have been countless population comparisons between geographical areas that were nearly 100% masked and areas that were mask free showing NO efficacy benefit to masking what so ever. Studies by the CDC HAVE BEEN REGULARLY shown to be without credibility in way too many cases over the past two years for anybody to now begin to take them seriously. Besides, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I will sell you, cheap, Marv. Too late for N95 masks to suddenly start to work 83% of the time, when the DC elites who have been wearing them for the past two years are now dropping like flies from Covid. Oh, and the CDC study that you have referred to is a statistical study with as far as I can tell completely reliant on self reporting, go figure…

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