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Letter to Editor

Crescent City Times.com

October 22, 2012

RE:    Brittle Bones and HFSA-Fluoride

2 years ago, I was content to ignore all the controversy surrounding fluoride in the water, but not anymore.  Now that I know that HFSA is the product used, and that it makes bones brittle,  I worry about getting up there in age and having my bones break due to a fall.

It is very reasonable to have a moratorium on this product because the supplier will not provide the listing of contaminants or proof their product is safe for all consumers.  That speaks volumes.

I hope the city voters really think seriously about this Measure A and vote YES because I can’t vote since I live in the County.  I pay for the water.  I didn’t vote to put fluoride in.  I can’t vote to get it out.        This seems very inequitable to me.

I want to thank Roger Gitlin, running for Supervisor First District, and Councilwoman Donna Westfall for endorsing Measure A.              I can’t vote for them either,  but I wish I could.



Darlene Sanchez

Crescent City, Ca. 95531


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