Thu. May 23rd, 2024


DN County Fairgrounds

Another tax increase.  What are they thinking?

1/4% increase in the sales tax to SAVE the Fairgrounds.  Otherwise we’re faced with doom and gloom predictions.

Some comments from local residents:

 I believe the powers that be have an obligation to explore other options prior to shifting the cost onto Del Norte county residents.

I would suggest that the Fairgrounds Board and the Head guy be fired and replaced with more forward thinkers. It is their fault the Fairgrounds has not adapted to these hard economic times. Why should residents pay for their mismanagement and incompetence?

The fairgrounds should be run like a business venture. If a business is failing you don’t reward management with additional funding and merely hope they can salvage the enterprise.  Throwing public money at the situation is not going to remedy the actual problem which is lack of initiative and the business skill needed to effectively utilize a tremendous asset.


My phone bill went up.

My electric bill went up.

Food prices went up.

TV Cable went up.

Car insurance went up.

Postage went up.

Water rates went up.

Sewer rates went up.

I live on a fixed income.

I say, “Bye Bye Fair.”

They’re not trying to save the Fair.  They’re trying to save their jobs.


I made a presentation to the Fairgrounds Board to create a community center.  I don’t think they were open minded.


You know the Exploratorium in San Francisco or Museum of Science and Industry in Portland, Oregon; why can’t we duplicate that here?  The Fairgrounds are under-utilized.


What about using that $350,000 in the library building fund and build us a really nice library someplace on the Fairgrounds.  It’s a great location with lots of parking.


I’d like to see a petting zoo and year round coaching and instruction for children about animals besides the once a month 4-H club meeting.


This will just drive more shoppers to Brookings to avoid the increased sales tax.

The general manager, himself has recently stated the proposed sales tax increase isn’t going to be enough to keep the Fairgrounds afloat in the long run.  So why impose a sales tax increase on the residents of this county knowing it is a losing battle?

Measure F – doomed to fail?


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