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Opinion By Linda Sutter – August 3, 2023

Remember that measure R you all voted for to increase the wages of our Deputies? Yeah that one. Well it may behoove the public to call your board of supervisors and ask the following questions.

1. Why did you take $70,000.00 from the general fund to support the defunct Tri-Agency when you have not given the deputies the pay you promised to give through measure R?

2. Why are deputies making less than the city police?

3. Why do you lie to the public through the measure R oversight committee?

Folks there is nothing more disgusting then to watch Supervisors Darrin Short, Chris Howard, and Dean Wilson vote in more taxes for us to pay and ignore their responsibilities to the Deputies who place their lives on the line without giving them the promised increase in wages from measure R.

Voting season is right around the corner don’t you think it’s time to kick these people out?

Contact number for Board Of Supervisors is 707-464-7204

It should be noted the Sheriff’s department is down 7 deputies and 4 correctional staff. So when you need help with something instead of dialing 911 call County Administrative Officer, Neil Lopez at the number listed above.

One thought on “Measure R and Sheriff’s Deputies Salaries”
  1. Disappointed so far with Supervisor Wilson but these knuckleheads should have been voted out years ago. As you know, Linda, you sacrifice a lot and take a lot of abuse when you run for office.
    It discourages a lot of good people from running.
    It is encouraging, however, to have more candidates in the fray. An incumbent should never run unchallenged.

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