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Opinion and Commentary By Donna Westfall – January 27, 2024

Take a look at this budget. Notice that there’s nothing about road repair other than “Due to graphical limitations this chart does not include budgeted ‘public infrastructure’.”

At the candidates forum Friday night, January 26th hosted by the Del Norte Association of Realtors, five candidates running for Districts 2 and 5 were present. The setting was at the Masonic Lodge located at 250 9th Street in Crescent City. Attendance was less than 100. Tables were set up so that each candidate could put their literature out.

The incumbents didn’t have much to say about the roads. The challengers for District 5, Linda Sutter and Heather Polen kept up a steady stream about the roads need to be repaired and it’s not happening.

The moderator asked the question, “What are the three most significant issues?”

Heather Polen’s reply didn’t stop at three, “Roads, homeless, affordable housing, crime and need to increase deputies.”

Linda Sutter’s response, “Roads, public safety and good medical doctors. Some places have potholes the size of Texas.” Surely an exaggeration, but when you drive over them, it definitely jostles your insides.

There are still discussions on the county’s non-maintained roads. Linda Sutter suggested the county be responsible for putting gravel down and leveling it every few years.

Measure R is the 1% sales tax put into effect by the County on April 1, 2021. It raised sales tax from 7.25% to 8.25% with no ending date. Before Measure R was voted on, former Chief Administrative Officer, Jay Sarina was quoted as saying, “No Measure R funds will be used for salaries and benefits.” However, every meeting new employees of the county are being introduced, many hired using Measure R monies.

So far none of the county roads have been repaired. How can we expect people to move here and start businesses when our town looks and feels so rundown?

2 thoughts on “Measure R Budget”
  1. Sounds to me like we need to vote these incumbents out. Let’s vote for folks that do not have their own personal interests at stake and may actually work for and help constituents.
    Why, that sounds like Roger Gitlin!

  2. There are a series of shorts on You Tube called “Tell me you live in the hood without actually telling me you live in the hood.” Maybe someone should copy this idea with shots from Crescent City. Check them out.

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