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Notice: The Author is not a medical doctor. Seek medical advice from your personal licensed physician.

Across the United States there are critical shortages of diesel, gasoline, propane, and natural gas. Independent truckers cannot make a profit because of high fuel costs, leading to a supply-chain breakdown. Farmers cannot afford fuel and fertilizers to raise crops leading to shortages of food and animal feed. Ranchers are culling herds for a lack of feed. Carcases of dead livestock rot due to a shortage of manpower to process meat. Grocery shelves are increasingly “fronted,” with single packaged items in order to appear full. Our dollars are having less value by the day at the gas pumps and the grocer.

The United States is also facing an emergency services disaster. Our heroic “Thin Blue Line” is disappearing. Police are retiring and walking away from big city departments; and who could blame them? The propagandists in mainstream media have demonized our police at every opportunity, and both wages and working conditions have suffered as a result.

Likewise, a high percentage of our National Guard and Military Reservists are being discharged this month because they refuse to vaccinate. To compensate for this hemorrhage of experienced patriot soldiers, the military is seeking a new breed of modern liberal recruits. The Army has dropped its recruiting standards because over 20 percent of high school graduate volunteers failed to meet their minimum standards.

Reports have surfaced of ambulance companies, hospitals, clinics and diagnostic facilities shutting down due to a lack of staff, equipment or supplies. Some of these medical services and facilities have been operating with one third of their normal staff. Burned-out, overworked, unappreciated and poorly equipped medical professionals are throwing in the towel!

The emergency services that we have taken for granted all of our lives is disappearing. The result of this government manufactured national supply and manpower shortage will be a hard lesson for all Americans. We will have longer wait-times for 911 responses; if there is any response at all.

Police in some cash-strapped rural jurisdictions only respond to life-or-death emergencies that are “in-progress.” Routine reports of burglaries, or after-the-fact robberies and assaults are taken over the phone. In many cases, suspects are not even arrested. Jails are so overcrowded that inmates must be released in order to make room for those newly-arrested. Welcome to the Democrat Socialist Utopia of America.

Across the United States, ambulances are out of action due to break-downs and a lack of parts or personnel to fix them. Others are rationing precious supplies and medications due to shortages and thefts. Thefts? Yes, along with parked Fed-Ex, UPS and US Mail Trucks; Ambulances too have become prime targets for thieves. If crooks are not satisfied with stripping equipment and supplies from the back of the ambulance, then they jack the entire vehicle!

In many jurisdictions, medical emergency calls are triaged by phone. Some victims can stabilize themselves and be driven by personal vehicle, taxi or Uber to an emergency care facility. In other cases, an EMT is dispatched with gear in their own private vehicle to stabilize the patient. If an ambulance arrives, there is no guarantee that they will have the equipment or supplies to treat the victim. Sophisticated medical diagnostic and treatment equipment are breaking down, and like the ambulances themselves, this equipment lacks the parts and technicians to repair them. Once at the hospital, emergency room personnel may even lack the simple ability to take blood samples. Even Blood Donation centers throughout the USA are closing their doors because they lack the equipment to extract blood!

Walk-ins at overcrowded local hospital emergency rooms face even longer wait times and plenty of company. These facilities are understaffed and lacking critical supplies and medications. Triage, and the life-or-death NEED of the patient is the determining factor of who will receive what. Along with medical diagnostic dyes, our hospitals are increasingly facing a shortage of pain medications, anesthetic gasses, and medical tubing.

We are in a proxy war with Russia. China, one of many countries allied with Russia, provides approximately 90% of our pharmaceutical medications and a lion’s share of our medical supplies and personal protective equipment. Just like the beginning of the Covid Pandemic, we are at the mercy of China for almost all of our medical needs.

Don’t expect this medical disaster to get better anytime soon. If anything, our medical supply woes will get far worse. When war is actually “Declared,” most of our medical supplies will go directly to serve the needs of our military. We can expect the criminal black market to control our remaining medications and medical supplies. When this happens, some medications may be legitimate; but many will be dangerous counterfeit knock-offs like the fentanyl laced pharmaceuticals presently coming from the Southern Border. This is already the case in many third world countries, where Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) providing humanitarian medical relief routinely barter for supplies with terrorists and organized crime groups.

It seems that we are facing the same situation that visited Socialist Venezuela after their economic collapse. Venezuela’s understaffed hospitals were plagued from the onset with shortages of nearly everything; including electricity! Patients had to find their own way to the emergency room because tires had been stolen off most vehicles, including ambulances.

So, what can we do to face this growing medical disaster? Self-sufficiency and a strong community network will be the key to our survival.

Self-sufficiency? We ALL need at a bare minimum to learn basic first aid! We ALL need to have a basic first aid kit in our homes, and carry a smaller kit with us wherever we go! As responsible adults, we must be able to care for ourselves during an emergency. All soldiers on the battlefield carry a personal first aid kit; and it is intended for use on themselves. If they encounter a wounded comrade, then the injured soldier’s bandages are used to patch them up.

What should your first aid kit consist of? The most common cause of injury death is vehicular accidents, and 90% of trauma related deaths result from uncontrolled blood loss. So, if you have blood in your body, and you only expect to need a band-aid, then carry band-aids. If you believe you might be in a vehicular accident, stabbed, shot, or other traumatic injury, then carry a some 6 inch military compress bandages, hemostats and windlass tourniquets!

Get first aid supplies and off-the-shelf medications while they are still available. Many of these critical medical items are already in short supply or entirely missing from pharmacy shelves. Get plenty of bandages and antibiotic ointment for aftercare. Do not despair if these medical supplies are unavailable. There are alternatives that can fit your need, or you can make your own. In war torn Third World Countries, medical volunteers commonly patch gunshot wounds with clean disposable diapers or feminine hygiene pads when sterile bandages are rare. You can also boil or steam sterilize strips of cloth for packaging and later use as bandage dressings.

Check with your physician about getting an emergency supply of necessary medications for chronic conditions. Also ask for a supply of antibiotics. Your insurance will probably not cover such preparatory supplies, but they will be well worth the expense when your life is on the line. An online resource for antibiotics is Jase Medical. For $260, you can get five prescriptions of antibiotics to keep on hand for emergencies. The price includes a physician consultation, and prescriptions provided by legitimate US Pharmacies. It is important to obtain what you need while it is still available.

For those who are serious about caring for themselves and their loved-ones during the coming medical emergency, you might consider purchasing good reference books. Emergency Medical Technician I & II textbooks will prepare you and your family to treat traumatic life or death injuries. However, these standard EMT texts focus on stabilizing the patient til they can be transported to a hospital emergency room. Which begs the question “What do we do if there is no hospital or emergency clinic?” If you want to be prepared for the new Third World version of the American Medical System, then obtain a copy of “The Survival Medicine Handbook: What to do when Help is NOT coming; Third Edition.” Written by a licensed Medical Doctor and his Naturopathic Medicine trained wife, this book covers the establishment of a home medical supply chest that will meet the needs of most families. It also covers topics that would serve a field medical infirmary under the worst conditions. You will learn medical procedures, from delivering a baby to treating most common chronic diseases. This book will list basic medical diagnostic and treatment devices, and how to use them. You will be exposed to everything from common pharmaceutical drugs and their veterinary equivalents; to herbal medications and sound historical home remedies.

While you have the opportunity, you might wish to formally learn Emergency Medicine by taking an EMT course; if they are available. You might wish to explore the many online medical courses available on YouTube and other streaming services. Download public domain medical books and manuals and save them to disk for future reference. Should we be hit by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon during this Russian conflict, our electrical grid, cell-phones and internet will go away in a second. So save those resources that you have to a flash drive and put the drive along with a spare tablet or notebook computer into a homemade Faraday cage.

You should be prepared to diagnose Routine Medical Issues like the common cold and indigestion. Ask your grandparents or great-grandparents what common household remedies they kept in their medicine cabinets. Get common off-the-shelf remedies while they are available. Stock-up on isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, apple-cider vinegar, bentonite clay, activated charcoal, Epsom salts, witch hazel, mineral oil and other traditional medical supplies.

Every family should have a designated medical specialist to provide emergency and nursing training and care for the rest. Fully-stocked emergency “Crash Bags” used by EMTs can be found online, and are far superior to “First Aid Kits” found in local stores and pharmacies. However, you will need to learn how to use this equipment. A good fully-stocked Crash Bag will cost $250 or more. I have seen high quality medical packs costing thousands of dollars carried by paramedics for remote industrial and scientific expeditions. You will need to find a balance between your needs, budget and level of knowledge and experience.

Learn all you can about physical and mental health, diet, exercise, hygiene and the maintenance of the human body. The old adage holds true “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Take responsibility for your health and teach your loved-ones to do the same. Many dietary linked chronic illnesses will go away due to food shortages. In World War II, heart disease declined because of the lack of animal fats and butter.

Network with those in your immediate community. As our new Democrat Socialist Utopia takes form; the professional well-stocked high-budget ambulances, hospitals, infirmaries and pharmacies will disappear. As our judicial system and police fail in the face of liberal “Re-Thinking,” criminals will loot most of these medical facilities to extinction. Former medical professionals will be scattered throughout out communities, trying to survive fuel, food and supply shortages and criminal predation just like the rest of us. If you have a doctor, nurse, paramedic, EMT or herbalist nearby, then consider yourself to be very lucky.

DO NOT expect your medical professional neighbors and good-Samaritans to provide you and your family with bandages, supplies or medications! These people will not be “Medical Dispensaries,” and in most cases will be in the same boat that you are in. Your hospitals and pharmacies will close because they “dispensed” all of their supplies and ran out! It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to have the bare minimum of bandages and medications to keep yourself and your family alive. Be damn grateful for any medical assistance that you get as “The System” continues down the path to complete Socialist Utopian failure.

Also remember that many of these former medical professionals will be helping you “outside the system.” Tyrannical Communist governments never acknowledge failure, and though the medical system disappears, government regulations will act as though they are in place. Unlike the untrained responder to an emergency, “Good-Samaritan” protections do not extend to professionals. As licensed medical professionals, they are held to a higher standard, and are vulnerable to scrutiny determined by the latest medical knowledge. Well meaning medical professionals will be risking loss of license, or financial liability without the luxury of malpractice insurance. Also remember that our new Democrat Socialist Utopia will leave most of us destitute, and you subsequently will not have a pot-to-piss-in, much less a way to repay your medical professional neighbor for any assistance. So, do the responsible thing while you still can. Prepare to care for your medical needs and those of your own family.

You might already have elderly family or those with chronic illnesses in Nursing Homes. Have you heard complaints about the quality of food diminishing? Perhaps they have shared stories of staff shortages or lack of medications? Be ready to take them into your home and care for them yourselves. Nursing homes will become Hell-holes before they collapse entirely. Be ready to shoulder the moral burden that God has put before you.

Families across the United States are taking in homeless loved-ones due to runaway inflation. This period of want and need will test the metal of our citizens. Will you pass this test of character as a responsible and courageous person; or will you fail as a cowardly shirker?

Now is the time to perform your own family “Triage.” Do you have disabled and needy family and friends who are down on their luck? Were they there for you during your time of need? Do you have lazy shiftless “entitled” Social Justice Warrior kids who refuse to get a job and carry their own weight? Which is most deserving of your assistance and care?

All of us are being blessed with a great “Sorting-Out.” The wheat is being sorted from the chaff, sheep are being separated from the goats, and the naive will learn the difference between shit and Shinola. We have all heard “Black Lives Matter,” and the often-repeated reply “All Lives Matter.” In fact, “Some Lives Matter and Some Don’t!” There are demon possessed human bodies of every race, creed and color that are better off avoided. There are reasons that civilized societies throughout history have always maintained police, judges, jails, prisons and gallows.

We all need to work as a team to make it through the following times of deprivation and war. However, not everybody will be a GOOD team member. Prepare to be self-sufficient as much as possible, and choose your team members wisely.

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