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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – March 24, 2022

With many States finally recognizing that unborn children have rights
too, the left, including the California State Legislature, and Governor
“Empty Suit” Gavin Newsom have begun to pass legislation that would use
taxpayer funding to make it possible that for everyone who wishes to
kill a child will  have the necessary where-with-all to accomplish the
task.  I know, I’ve heard it all, you’re just a man and don’t
understand.  While that is true enough, I do know that when women talk
about “My Body, My Choice,” they are excluding the other body that they
are carrying within THEIR body who might be saying, “My Body, I Don’t
Get That Choice”.

So with a smile under his gel coated hair Newsom and the first person,
Jennifer Newsom, were proudly celebrating his signing of SB245 which
expands “reproductive health care” by eliminating out of pocket costs
for abortions.  Kind of like what about abortions equates to
“reproductive health care”?  In theory this will enable “the poor” to
continue the infanticide cost free that has gone on since Roe v. Wade.  
The first person went on to claim a dual role for women as caregivers
and breadwinners that will now be fortunate enough to be assured that if
they become pregnant they will be able to afford to have autonomy over
their bodies and destinies.  Yet, it continues to beg the question of
what happened to the child’s autonomy over their body and destiny. 
Guess Ms. Newsom thought that her children merited that luxury of life,
not so much for those that do not measure up to her standards and need
some of her pocket change to do the “right thing”.

Newsom and the California legislature have been extremely active passing
multiple bills that are intended to support all manner of abortion care
which previous to this measure can cost up to $1,000.  This particular
bill is intended to clear the way for continuing legislation to make
California a “Sanctuary State” for those that wish to kill their
children.  Along with SB 245 are other tax funded proposals in Hair
Gel’s “California Blueprint” which intends to protect health care
services and their providers.  Additionally scholarships and loan
forgiveness to health care professionals who commit to “providing
clinically appropriate medication abortion services, in person follow-up
visits, and ultrasounds if they are not medically necessary”. This is
what Newsom is proposing in order to circumvent any ruling that comes
from the Supreme Court over turning even a portion of Roe v. Wade.

In a California, that has so many currently existing issues that are
taking lives of adults with rising violent crime, homelessness, massive
inflation, and a host of other issues, Governor Hair Gel chooses to
placate his leftist base rather than “do the right thing”, roll up his
sleeves and sort the State out from under his appalling leadership.  At
least he isn’t blaming “Climate Change” on this issue, a very small
consideration.  But, Bravo empty suit for continuing to fund mass

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