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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – November 15, 2021

In our travels about this beautiful country, Angie and I could not ignore the dynamic growth of exported Californians everywhere. California is losing a Represetative. The State of Texas will soon have TWO new Congressional representatives, no doubt exacerbated by the influx of ex-Golden Staters.

RED States are particularly affected: Idaho, Montana, Arizona, Wyoming, Tennessee, North and South Carolina join Texas in explosive growth. Biden-permitted illegal alien immigration further aggravates the challenge of providing minimal State services and ensuring the very highest quality of life for citizens.

Not surprisingly, many natives of these States are more than alarmed by many of the new intra-State immigrants. Dramatically changed Austin, Texas now mirrors a distinctively similar look to a suburban Los Angeles neighborhood with a climbing serious felony crime problem, an explosion of so-called “homeless,” a significant increase in government services and a real growth of anti-law enforcement sentiment.

I share the concern not-so-welcome ex-Californians bring to their new homes. Expectation of more government- provided services without raising taxes is one of the consequences we Californians bring to previously, limited government States. Also, locals are alarmed by the huge spike in land and home prices.

Please do NOT misunderstand this post. We are a FREE country and each individual has every right to “emigrate” to another part of the United States. If you wish to move to high taxed States like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware or Maryland, you have every right to do so…though these States are not experiencing much net growth. One can only wonder why.

California is my home. Despite its stranglehold by the obsessively over-government Left and its misguided social-engineering politicians, an obnoxious display of arrogance and a pathetically BLUE intolerance by the political elites, I am going to fight these hypocritical powerbrokers in Sacramento and Washington. DC. I hope you will join me.

For those of you who choose to leave the Golden State, I wish you well and hope you will make some serious adjustments to the geography to which you are moving and have a full understanding and consideration of the impact of Californization has on your new home.

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