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By Thomas Barnes – April 28, 2020

SACRAMENTO, Calif.  Officials from six rural Northern California counties and 14 small cities have urged Gov. Gavin Newsom to let the counties reopen their economies, marking the most significant pushback yet from local leaders against a mandatory stay-at-home order that is in its second month that has left 3 million people out of work.  The links are enclosed, take a look.

Of the 500,000 people who live in Sutter, Yuba, Butte, Colusa, Tehama and Glenn counties, the counties that are actively lobbying the governor’s office to reopen, there have been only 69 confirmed cases of coronavirus

What is going on in Del Norte county?

Why are we not one of the counties or cities that have requested to open on a planned controlled basis?

Why is the public kept in the dark as to where we stand and the efforts that are being made to get us reopened?  We are not San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, etc.  We have three cases, two recovered at home, one recent active case recovering at home, and zero deaths.  Pelican Bay has zero Covid 19 cases and zero deaths.  Curry County has four cases and zero deaths, and Curry County is open for business May 1st.

Why do we have to remind you that you work for this community, not Sacramento, you represent the businesses and people here, you are employees of the people of this community.

We have read your public health website, the community updates and press releases; the Covid 19 link; the office of emergency services link; the notice that the parks and public offices are closed…..but nowhere is there any message as to what is being done to restart the community and the businesses,  other than you are following the recommendations of the governor’s office executive orders.  Other county officials in other communities make an effort to keep their communities updated as to what is being done to get them reopened.  They make an effort to make a case to the governor’s office as to why they are different than SF, LA, Sacramento, etc.  They are working to make a difference to help their community.  They are just not regurgitating Sacramento’s talking points, and waiting for the governor to tell them what to do.

This is not a case that one size fits all.

We are a small rural community, just like some of the others that are making the effort to get their communities up and running. We have a small economy, our businesses cannot afford to remain shut down, they will go bankrupt, the employees will not have jobs to come back to.  The economy will falter and fail.  They don’t have government jobs that pays them no matter what, they have to remain open to eat.  Give them hope and a positive message about what you are doing to get them back in business, instead of talking points from the governor’s office and Sacramento, we can read that in the papers.

We want to know what you are doing; we want to be updated on a daily basis as to your plans and progress in reopening business and jobs.

Do your job for your community, give this community some hope, that is why you are there.

5 thoughts on “Message to Government Representatives”
  1. The Chamber needed to make the decision about the 4th of July festivities when they did because the fireworks company needed to have payment now to insure their participation. The fee was $30,000 for the fireworks show and it was non-refundable. The Chamber made the right call under the circumstances because $30,000 is a lot of money to potentially lose.

    1. Unbelievable, this is the same nonsense that the Chamber’s Board is pedaling. There are a number of activities other than the fireworks that make up the festivities. The Chamber has cancelled them as well. Kind of shoots that lame duck in the foot. Plus there are sixty days until the festivities, and California’s State Dictator may not be able to hold the line much longer as county’s begin to defect enmass from his “lockdown”. I have yet to hear when the latest date the Chamber can withdraw from the Fireworks contract besides? What is the harm in being patient? Nothing that I see.
      What is also troubling is that no one on the Board seems to be willing to explain the decision. It comes more in the form of a fiat, like the way our current State governor is operating. Very troubling. No consideration for the fact that we do not have a Covid-19 problem here and are unlikely to have one.

  2. Completely agree Larry … was so disappointed in the Chamber of Commerce decision to not at least wait for another month to make a decision about the 4th of July.! They needto start thinking about Del Norte County instead of Sacramento and the “ Big Decision Makers” about 350 miles away from here!

  3. California is a fascist state showing it’s teeth. So many have come to accept their government masters in the past, that this is the next logical step. There is a reason the rest of the states look at California and shake their collective heads. As someone who is 3/4 of the way out of California, and living elsewhere at this time, all I can say is California is getting what it votes for.

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