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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – February 6, 2022

As many of you may know, I was a Minuteman and still espouse its Mission to help secure our Border.

I became a Minuteman after observing newly-arrived illegal aliens gathering en masse on corners in Santa Clarita soliciting work. No taxes collected…No permits sought…these newly arrived folks worked below minimum wage. The local governments were stalled in political correctness.

Then, April 29, 2002 my outrage in unsecured borders motivated me to do something perhaps rash by some. I volunteered to be Minuteman.

Family friend Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff David March was murdered by a twice-convicted, three- times deported illegal alien drug dealer. Deputy March was murdered while on routine patrol in Irwindale. As a Minuteman, I harbored no ethnic bias, was never armed and with fellow Minutemen Tim Donnell and Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist, we offered assistance to the Border Patrol in Campo and Boulevard, California.

I learned since 9/11 an estimated 96,000 innocent victims were victims of drunk drivers murder, sexual predators and irresponsible culprits who’ve entered the United States illegally. 15 years later, President Trump kept his promise and began to build the Wall.

Now after one year of arguably one of weakest, most ineffective Presidents in our country’s history, Joe Biden has illegally and un-Constitutionally opened the illegal alien human train…Article IV Section 4 of our Constitution compels the Federal government to protect States from invasion.

President Biden is in violation of Article IV Sec.4 of the Constitution.

Is it time to bring back the Minutemen?

One thought on “Minuteman”
  1. Roger, you are a true patriot, and a credit to our Republic. Yes, many in our community need to adopt both the philosophy, skills and courage of the Minutemen. That said; an overt organization under that moniker would be suicidal in Biden’s “New Amerika.” We have a President, Homeland Security Director, Attorney General, FBI Director. and Joint Chiefs of Staff of our combined Military who have stated clearly, on many occasions, that “Patriot Extremists” are the greatest threat to “Our Democracy.” In this case, “Our Democracy” equates to any dictate that is declared by Joe Biden and our One-Party Tyranny. To this end, they have thoroughly purged every patriot from the ranks of our Armed Forces, and from Federal Civil Service.

    Likewise, we have a Governor in California that is thoroughly sold-out to the Corporate-Communist Elites that work to strip us all of every personal resource that we own in order to further enrich our new class of Robber Barons. Our local County and City governments aren’t much better, having proven to be in lock-step with Sacramento.

    Though it is a noble cause to resist illegal immigration, and Border Cartel run fentanyl and human trafficking; what can be done when our shanghaied political system supports open borders? We will need Minutemen, with the courage, resources and stamina to resist our ever growing Corporate-Communist Tyranny. Yet, organization of such a movement must be carried-out intelligently, cautiously, discretely, or downright covertly in order to escape detection, infiltration, persecution, imprisonment or extermination. This is no longer a free country that respects Constitutional Rights or personal liberty. We passed the point of no-return, and we patriots have been defined and declared the new “Enemy.”

    Those of us who speak-out against this tyranny should know that we are being monitored, and every word is being logged into evidence for the upcoming purge. Once the next Kristallnacht is launched, we will be rounded-up lightning-fast for imprisonment in concentration camps or worse. We must urge wisdom and caution be practiced by the next resistance movement. They need to know their enemies, and their ways. Our enemies stole the 2020 election, and they will steal every election going forward, They will lie, cheat, use indoctrination of children, propaganda, and brainwashing; and turn families, friends, and neighbors into traitors and snitches in order to remain in power. If needed, they will drag this entire country into a nuclear conflagration in order to maintain their New World Order.

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