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By Donna Westfall – September 6, 2016 – I believe in miracles.

Our Daily Bread MinistriesFor eight years I’ve watched Our Daily Bread Ministries help people by feeding them and clothing them  at their facility located at Harrold Street. Many of these people are homeless, or living in their cars, or couch surfing from friend to family. Many of them have drug and alcohol addictions and when they are free from that, that in itself is a miracle.  But that’s not the miracle of this story.

Recently there has been a huge shift. Money is due to come into town to help the homeless and politicians are getting involved.

In the meantime, here’s the latest from Mike Justice, Executive Director of Our Daily Bread:

Wow! The Lord is so faithful.

First we are getting ready to build tiny houses on some property we got.  And a 20×40 military tent for a shelter this winter For all the homeless people in Crescent City, this is in a location that has no neighbors.  So, the first blessing was the guy giving us the land. The property is off grid. So, we have some needs to make it work.

At work Thursday, September 1st,  I was telling a customer what we needed in terms of a generator.  And a complete stranger said, “I have a brand new one.”  He bought it and would give it to us if I would come pick it up in Eureka.  It’s 8750 watt bigger than we needed.

We now need a water tank so if anyone knows some one with a 500 or ideally 2500 gallon would be better.  Please let us know. We are hoping to start off the first week in October. Friends, please help me get the word out and thanks in advance.

You can contact Mike Justice at (707) 464-7771 or go to their place at 1135 Harrold St., Crescent City, California.







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  1. I am so happy to hear of this news…I researched tiny house project and it seemed feasible for this area. Unfortunately the current political favorites of our area turned a blinds eye and a deaf ear to this type of transitional housing which is beyond me….God provided and will continue to provide on this venture for you all…Praise God for bestowing such wonderful gifts.

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