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By Angry Old American

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Will I have words of glowing encouragement for this community at the dawn of 2021? After a year when the world has been turned upside-down and logic no longer applies, could there be any reason to celebrate? At a time when so many of us have faced ruin, do I have some glimmer of hope?

This is a time when only my comrade-neighbors are filled with authentic glee over the new age promises of pixie-dust and Bernie-bucks. In their Pop-Culture fueled imaginations, the Sugar-Plum fairy of Socialism will be skipping down Gummy-Bear streets tossing fists-full of cash to the down-trodden. They live in Woke world of gumdrops and lollipops, rainbows and unicorns, and expect a big group-hug of communal solidarity after stealing our liberty. Will Angry old American make happy-happy nice-nice?

This has been, without a doubt, the very worst year that any responsible American has ever endured. Many have faced mandatory business closures, unemployment and social isolation. All of this discomfort came as a result of a Maoist biological weapon and the domestic Marxist destruction of the Middle-Class. For those working for our predominately Socialist Federal, State and Local Governments, or elected to positions of gross incompetence and public betrayal, it has been a year of less work for the same pay. Business as usual; continue to waste tax dollars and distribute graft.

Let us look back at the highlights of 2020 before the insanity of Good-Riddance Year Eve begins.

The year 2020 started off normally enough. Our mainstream media news incessantly bemoaned all things Trump, and belly-ached the injustice of an unsuccessful impeachment. Facts of Obama and Clinton’s complicity in orchestrating false charges were coming to light; while the political and financial powers deeply inhaled a breath of relief after the recent death of Jeffrey Epstein.

By February, lo-and-behold, rumors surfaced of a newly discovered virus in China. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it was nothing to be concerned with. China stopped domestic flights from Wuhan, the city of viral origin; but international flights continued unabated.

By March, our Comrade-Denocrat Leadership had labeled President Trump a xenophobe for ending incoming flights from China and closing border traffic. The WHO declared a global pandemic, and we were introduced to our very-own Dr. Fauci and the brilliant team from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

By April, most of the United States faced either total lock-down or severe business restrictions. Toilet paper and bottled-water disappeared off shelves. Global supply lines were disrupted as more nations closed their borders. Trucks loaded with supplies stacked up at borders, and shipments drifted off the coast from harbors. Cruise Liners became prison ships as passengers were confined to their rooms and often died alone.

The Center for Disease Control of the United States faced a shortage of protective gear like masks and gowns. The public were told that six feet of social distancing was sufficient for protection. Masks should be given to hospitals and emergency responders. Wearing masks became a symbol of self-centered extremism.

Export of protective equipment and medications from China were halted. N-95 Masks that normally sold for a couple of dollars were selling on the internet for ten to twenty times more. As hospitals ran out of gear, they started making their own. Warehouses full of mostly Chinese manufactured protective equipment were discovered and seized. Chinese middle-men had already made a fortune.

The United States diversified the manufacture of medical equipment and medications to other Countries in the South China Sea. It was at this time that China challenged all shipping through international waters that it claimed as its own. If China could not hold a monopoly over exports to the West, it would tax the cargo ships of other Asian Countries traveling through the South China Sea. This was in direct conflict with a decision by a United Nations Court. After Chinese forces surrounded Taiwan, the United States sent three aircraft carrier groups and seventy B-52 bombers to meet the threat. Japan and Australia also sent ships of war to assist. China backed off, and shipping from South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia resumed. Little, if any of this event ever merited attention from “The News.”

April was when the first Coronavirus Stimulus Legislation was discussed. Remember how that went? Congress offered the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), extended unemployment payments and direct payment checks; but only when bundled with a host of other treats. What were those goodies? Our Comrades in Congress wanted direct payments to be extended to illegal aliens and prison inmates, plus their release from detention or prison; along with mail-in ballots, with voting rights extended to inmates, and to illegal aliens both domestic and on foreign soil. Faced with an impasse in both the Congress and Senate, President Trump signed an Executive Order to provide emergency relief himself.

April was also the month that the purchase of FOX by Disney for $70 billion was approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, had a long hand-in-glove relationship with the Chinese Communist Party’s slave-labor sweatshops while running Apple. Soon, the sole pro-Trump conservative voice om Mainstream Media would be transformed into a sheepish ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC clone.

Next came the drug overdose of George Floyd and subsequent Antifa and “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) riots in Minnesota. CNN and the other media alphabets distributed the horrific images of a police officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck while the Officer’s body-cam footage was not released to television and the internet. The later-released body-cam recording showed Floyd in the back of the vehicle complaining that he could not breathe well-before ever being removed. The media also ignored the fact that Minneapolis PD’s policy and training was to kneel on the a suspects neck while being restrained. Of course, “The News” also ran with the story that toxicology results pointing to Fentanyl overdose were fake.

“Defund the Police” became a rallying cry, and the predominately Marxist Congress knelt, bowed their heads and threw a fist of solidarity into the air. Riots spread to 48 of the 50 largest cities in the United States. Seattle spawned the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), which shortly changed its name to the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) when they found themselves not-so autonomous. They needed, and quickly received, food and logistical support from Seattle’s Marxist Mayor, Jenny Durkin. During the new “Summer of Love,” despite a slew of rapes and murders, these “Almost Peaceful Protests” received glowing praise from from Mainstream Media. Statues were toppled in tandem with an atmosphere of Maoist Cultural Revolution.  First to go would be the symbols; later the people would need to go.

That Summer of Love would spread as riots, looting, vandalism, arson and mayhem continued to expand into suburbs. The nation was shocked when two protesters were hit in Seattle while dancing on an unlit freeway, just beyond a blind curve, in the middle of the night. BLM protesters were obviously to be given the right-of-way on roads and freeways, much like herds of mindless wildebeests ambling across the Savanna.

As many States opened up for business, others under firm Communist control, like New York and California, remained locked-down. It mattered little if the entire middle-class of those States were destroyed. This had to be done for safety from a virus with more than 99% survival rate. Amazon, with its home delivery, was making a fortune! Walmart remained open while other stores were closed. Antifa BLM protests were unhindered, strip-clubs and gay bath-houses remained open; while churches, synagogues, Mom & Pop shops and restaurants faced endless harassment, fines and arrest.

A Federal Court gave Hillary Clinton immunity from charges related to her erasing 300,000 suspect documents from her servers. Jeffrey Epstein’s go-to girl Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested and jailed in the same facility where Epstein was suicided. News also surfaced in the Epoch Times with evidence that Covid-19 originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a level 4 biological research facility. It seems that one of the Institute’s research scientists had been working on a genetic engineered bat virus for nearly two years. But, never mind all of that; we have a pandemic to contend with, and Orange Man Bad!

By August it was clear there would be mail-in voting during the “Orange-Man-Bad” election. The wealthiest people in Wall Street’s darling corporations were contributing hundreds of millions and billions of dollars to the Democrat cause. After her divorce from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, MacKenzie Scott contributed approximately a billion dollars a month to Leftist causes. Scott has a net worth of over $67 billion, $30 billion of which were earned through Amazon stock during this past year’s pandemic. Facebook’s Mark Zukerberg threw over $400 million into mail-in ballot collection schemes for Democrat controlled precincts. Democrats in Swing-States would have their ballots harvested from convalescent hospitals, assisted living facilities, or find a drop box on every corner; while voters in rural Republican districts would drive as far as a hundred miles to drop off their ballots.

The Internet Monopolists of Google, Facebook and Twitter collectively banned any information pro-Trump or anti-Biden from their platforms. Their previous strategy of defunding uncontrolled media turned into outright censorship and bans. With FOX under Disney’s control, mainstream media itself was now entirely under corporate monopolist control.

By late October, Disney was over $40 billion in debt. Their “Woke” movies like Mulan were box-office failures, because there were no longer any box-offices! Disney had already destroyed their Star Wars franchise, and Marvel Comics was likewise sacrificed on the altar of terminal Wokeness. Employees by the tens of thousands were furloughed from both their Theme Parks and Cruise Lines. All of this was done to control FOX, the sole conservative voice, during the Orange-Man-Bad election.

CCP front groups made an investment of over $400 million into Staple Street Investments in October. Staple Street is the second largest owner of Dominion Voting Machines. Of course, this is inconsequential to “The News,” because a mail-in ballot election is “the most secure kind.”

Then came the announcement from the International Monetary Fund about a “New Bretton Woods Moment.” This was renamed the “Great Reset” by the World Economic Summit. The US Dollar would no longer be the World’s Reserve Currency. There would be a new digital international currency. First World Countries like the United States, along with Great Britain and the United States would pay huge interest to offset cheap loans to Third World Countries. Likewise, there would be higher interest for those with good credit, than for those with poor credit.

The elections were conducted as expected. Poll observers were blocked from doing their jobs. Secrecy and breaches of conduct were the norm. Chain of custody and proper legal handling of ballots were ignored. Votes were counted regardless of legitimacy. Non-residents and dead people voted, as well as any illegal alien with a driver’s license; and many people voted more than once. Reports of counterfeit ballots, and ballots being scanned multiple times have been ignored. Despite the odds of one in a quadrillion, Biden turned the election upside down on election night with truckloads of Biden ballots arriving at the very last minute. Despite testimony and evidence of voting machine manipulation and human intervention amounting to fraud; “no evidence of fraud exists” according to The News. Despite court orders to prevent it, ballots and envelopes from contested precincts have been shredded, voting machine hard-drives wiped, laptop computers and thumb-drives have disappeared. Mainstream News is quick to claim that the courts find no evidence of fraud; yet the courts refuse to see or hear any evidence at all. Chris Krebs, Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Administration (CISA) claimed this was the most secure election in history. This statement was made just before being fired after the largest National data breach ever was uncovered. For over six months, under the watchful eye of Mr. Krebs, cyber-attacks were conducted on servers of the FBI, DOJ, CIA, Treasury, National Nuclear Security Administration, Pentagon, all five branches of the US Military and over a thousand other Federal, State and Local government departments and agencies. You can bet that we all trust the opinion of Chris Krebs when it comes to election security! 

Poor Bob Iger is no longer Disney’s CEO. After his acquisition of FOX, destroying a vast majority of the Disney empire, and posting the first annual loss in over 40 years; Bob is out of a job. However, there is always bright news for those who serve the God of this World; it seems that Mr. Iger is on the top of Joe Biden’s list to become US Ambassador to China!

Read Dante’s Inferno; the Ninth Circle of Hell, closest to Satan himself, is populated by those who practice treachery.

And now, on the eve of the Communist overthrow of our Constitutional Republic of the United States, there will be throngs of people celebrating. With a global economic “Great Reset” on the horizon, set to bleed the wealth of American citizens dry; the traitorous and crafty, along with the stupid, weak-willed, drug-addicted and Woke followers of Mainstream Media’s Pied Piper will actually revel in their own demise.

My comrade-neighbors will have their obligatory drunken annual parties, and at the stroke of precisely 10:57 pm, they will start setting off their barrage of explosive fireworks that will continue til the wee hours of the morning. These are the very same comrade-neighbors who get drunk, wave the flag and ignite explosives every Independence Day; though they despise the Constitutional Republic.

So, a Miserable Good-Riddance Year to all of my comrade-neighbors, and may you all have a chance to suffer through this next year and see the eve of 2022. With an openly Marxist tyrannical regime taking over our Federal Government, and their promises of one to two more years of national lock-downs, increased taxes, racial inequality and lawlessness on the streets, most all of us will face homelessness and starvation. Such is the price of true “social equality.” Those who are intelligent, sober, resourceful and hard-working will finally reap the same rewards as the numb-skulled, inebriated, incompetent and lazy.

For those who cannot understand the underlying “justice” of Maoist Cultural Revolution; ask your kids. They may not be able to read or write, add or subtract, understand science, geography, or history; but they have all been taught Communist values. You paid for them to get the best public school Marxist indoctrination available.

I always get a chuckle when I hear local tribal members say the Cultural Revolution will not effect them. How many Communist Countries have self-directed “Tribal Reservations?” How are indigenous people treated in Communist Countries, after they were no longer useful in overthrowing the existing order? What happened to Tibetans and Uyghurs in the People’s Republic of China?  Perhaps they might want to get a first-hand account from elders of our local Hmong community about Viet-Cong and Khmer Rouge genocide of the Southeast Asian mountain peoples. These Comrade Native-Americans will soon face the true awakening of “Wokeness;” when their language and religions are outlawed and all land and possessions stripped away- again! Yet, they will have the satisfaction of long-seated racial resentments quenched through vengeance; before destruction is meted-out upon them.

As for me, there will be no celebration at the end of this year. I will continue to prepare for the inevitable Civil War. George Santayana once wrote “Those who ignore the lessons of history are destined to repeat them.” Can anybody count the number of Communist Countries where liberty was peaceably restored? How many Marxist or Maoist Countries have had freedom ever restored? There will be no “Truth and Reconciliation” tribunals, or reeducation slave-labor camps for me. I am preparing to resist; and as a senior citizen military veteran, I know that I fare little chance of survival. In days gone by, there was a saying “Better off dead than Red.” Rest assured, I will not roll over and wet myself. All that it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to sit on their butts and do nothing. Resist!

You too have a choice. You can stand on your feet and fight; or perish on your knees. You can attend public meetings, sign and circulate petitions, write letters to elected officials, and educate those around you. You can boycott mainstream media; or better yet, cancel your television service. You can boycott Amazon along with products and services that support your Corporate Woke enemies. Of course, you can also go down on your knees; sitting in front of the Boob-Tube, Zombie-eyed and slack-jawed, with drool dripping down your chin.


Angry Old American

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