Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Submitted anonyously by local reader.


Summer Clawson, Beth Henion, Bill and Carlina Horn have all missed the mark completely with respect to the removal of the District Attorney (Letters to the Editor published in the Del Norte Triplicate, April 11th and April 16th). Technically, Jon was not “removed” from office. He was ordered “inactive” meaning that he is not eligible to practice law. In California, only duly licensed attorneys, can be seated as a District Attorney. Jon was charged, found guilty and disciplined for prosecutorial misconduct which occurred while he was in office.
Further missing the mark is the implication that Jon was disciplined (or to use the incorrect terminology “removed”) only because of his past meth addiction and prior state bar suspensions. Not so. To quote Judge Lucy Armendariz, Jon Alexander “represents an unmitigated danger to the public,” and he “does not believe that the normal ethical and legal rules apply to him.” Jon is not a victim. He committed egregious acts of prosecutorial misconduct and was rightfully held accountable. Evidence was presented, considered and found to be overwhelmingly in favor of disbarment in order to ensure the integrity of the justice system and to protect public safety.
Judge Armendariz found Alexander’s credibility “tenuous,” specifically pointing out Jon’s “lack of candor and truthfulness” in his dealings with the court and opposing counsels. For those who still believe the propaganda disseminated by Alexander and his blind followers, I suggest you read the entire 26-page decision. It is clear that Jon’s “haters” did not cause his “removal;” alas, JON did it all by himself.
“For 20 years, respondent repeatedly violated his ethical and professional duties, beginning in 1991 (conviction for driving without a valid driver’s license) through 2011 (prosecutorial misconduct).” A significant theme recurring throughout the Judge’s decision is that Jon prefers to blame others for his lapses in judgment. His “refusal to recognize his misdeeds and the severity he had harmed the administration of justice and the integrity of the legal profession” concerned the court. Equally concerning is that Jon “believes anyone who objects to his egregious misconduct is motivated by malice and in league with his adversaries.”
Not surprisingly, the multitude of character witnesses testifying at the hearing (all saying the same or similar things as Summer, Beth, Bill & Carlina) were summarily rebuffed by Judge Armendariz. The character witnesses who testified were found by the Judge to have “invariably dismissed [Alexander’s] misconduct as either insignificant or not at all unethical” and obviously “did not comprehend its egregiousness.” The judge, board of supervisor member, city council member, head of probation, law enforcement officers and others who testified to Alexander’s integrity and character need to take a step back and seriously question their own perception and judgment.
With the words of a well-respected, seasoned State Bar Court Judge in mind, I ask everyone, including Summer, Beth, Bill, Carlina and those 20-some individuals who testified on Jon’s behalf, why on earth would you or anyone in their right mind want a District Attorney in office who blatantly violates an individual’s constitutional rights, lies about it and then vehemently insists that HE is the victim, all in the name of justice? That level of ignorance is what will continue to make our community perilous for those who are not well connected and even worse, it will allow corruption to continue to flourish.

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