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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – October 24, 2021

While many die hard sports fans have tuned out from all major sporting
events due to the “political posturing” by millionaire sports icons, it
is important to note that some important lessons in life can still be
learned from those in sports that are ignorant of their collective
arrogance.  Sports Media, MLB CEOs, and Commissioner Manfred must be
horrified by the results of the baseball divisional playoffs that have
Georgia playing in the World Series against Texas.  You know, those two
reprehensible places that passed voter ID laws that make future
elections much fairer.

Seems like it was just a few months ago that Commissioner Manfred nearly
burst a blood vessel over Atlanta, GEORGIA, being the site of the up
coming mid summer classic All Star game.  Couldn’t possibly have a
significant MLB  event in such a “RED NECK” state that would seek to
disenfranchise voters in an election by making them prove who they
were.  UnAmerican!!!  Can’t have that, Colorado here we come.  Not that
the optics of the outrage over Georgia’s passage of the bill should
interfere with the disaster that accompanied the move, full steam ahead.

On to Texas where a similar bill was eventually passed, over the dire
beer drinking objections from previously “vacationing Democrats”, optics
not with standing.  They must have not all been vaccinated, the
Democrats that is…….  This year’s World Series will not be the Los
Angeles Dodgers verse the New York Yankees or even the Boston Red
Socks.  No, it will be Texas’s Astros verses Georgia’s Braves.  Eat your
heart out Commissioner Manfred, not much you can do about that, no
matter what the optics are.  Voter ID in Georgia and Texas is a matter
of law.

Sports has always been a learning experience both for the participant
and the audience.  There are many valuable lessons to be learned.  While
it is doubtful that the “Woke” in this Country will be any wiser, it is
nice to know that Colorado had already in place, legislation similar to
that which Commissioner Manfred found to be “so” offensive.  It is also
nice to see that Commissioner Manfred, MLB, and a host of sports writers
found their collective politics are best left at home rather than in the
embarrassing spotlight of things that can and will come back to bite you
in your posterior.   Congratulations to both Georgia and Texas for
passage of fair voter ID laws.  And an even bigger Whoorah to the
Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros no matter who your favorite team is
for making it to the height of baseball’s penultimate series.

2 thoughts on “MLB Strikes Out Again.”
  1. And to think it was “just yesterday” that the Braves were in Milwaukee (and before that Boston) and the Astros were the Colt 45s.

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