Sun. May 19th, 2024

Opinion and Commentary By Linda Sutter – May 3, 2024

Each tribal picture tells a story. Murdered and missing tribal people who feel alone and unrepresented in a nation that is supposed to represent equal justice for all but doesn’t. 

Murdered 13 year old, Dante Ha-Anuew wayne Romannov-Jones May 1, 2015 – no conviction

As I began my journey walking to support the indigenous people I came upon two very young ladies who had “Free Palestine” on the back of their signs. So I asked the question, ” Is this a Free Palestine movement or is this a missing and murder of indigenous people movement?”

I was met with silence. The two girls looked at each other and one spoke, “Do you believe it is all right killing babies and children?” As I attempted to answer, the young lady repeated the question.

Finally I got a word in edgewise, and explained that Hamas attacked Israel; they killed pregnant mothers and gutted out their babies lighting the babies on fire. 

I told them I had to stop walking with the group because I don’t support the Free Palestine movement nor do I support ignorance of telling half a story.

Their response, “Don’t,” implying don’t walk with us.

I turned around and walked away.

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