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I read the info on the new study about ADHD and fluoridation.  I had not seen that particular article, but I have other articles that agree with that one.  It came at a very fortuitous time!  My new town of Palatka (Florida) is entertaining the addition of putting fluoride back into the water supply.  I got it out here in 2011 (commissioners voted “nay” unanimously) but we have 3 new commissioners elected last Nov. so the dentists see an opportunity to convince the town to put it back in.  This push comes from a state directive to dentists to look for an opportune time to approach the city officials to reintroduce fluoridation.  They warn them not to let the issue go to the voters because “three out of four referenda are voted down” on fluoridation.  This is why Hendersonville’s mayor at the time, Fred (we called him “Adolf) Niehoff, would not let the people vote on it even after it had been voted down twice before in H’ville.  Niehoff told me that the people weren’t  capable of knowing what was best for them, or something to that effect!  So much for democracy!
Since I left Saluda, Florida, the incidence of dental fluorosis, the disease that permanently stains teeth with chalky white, yellow or brown  stains, has risen dramatically to 41% nationwide  (this also includes the non fluoridated areas) and for fluoridated areas only, the incidence among white kids is now about 60% and among black kids it’s a whopping 80% who have this sign of fluoride poisoning!!  My son, Jeff, has an 11 year son, Max, whose baby teeth, when they erupted, were all damaged by severe dental fluorosis.  His mother, Emily, was waitressing at one the restaurants in H’ville during Max’s gestation and was allowed to drink all the tea she wanted.  I forgot to mention to her that tea itself is naturally very high in fluoride (I don’t drink tea anymore except herbal tea) and it was, of course, made with fluoridated water.  By the time Max was 6 years old Jeff and Emily had to borrow $8,000 to have all of Max’s baby teeth temporarily capped (until his permanent teeth erupted).  The proponents preach that fluoridation is very “cost effective” in stopping tooth decay.  They should ask Max’s parents if they concur!
The dentists tout the fact that fluoride makes enamel stronger.  What they DON’T mention is that it also makes enamel brittle!  It does the same for bones.  America has the highest amount of hip fractures.   Harvard conducted 2 studies giving elderly women high doses of fluoride.  They had to stop in the middle of one study because the women on fluoride had 74 fractures compared to the control group, taking no fluoride, had 22!   OOPS!!  About 1/4th of hip fracture victims die as a result…most from pneumonia.  My brother, Jack, lived in Ft. Pierce, FL which has been fluoridated for 60 or more years.  He had beautiful teeth when he was young having no cavities until he was an adult.  As he got older, his teeth began to break and crumble just like little Max’s  and he developed skeletal fluorosis, which causes the backbone to bend forward.  Jack couldn’t stand up straight and I got him to move up here, after his wife died and bought him an electric wheelchair that he could ride around in.
The US Public Health Service commissioned a large study many years ago including 39,000 children in fluoridated, partly fluoridated and non fluoridated communities in 84 different areas.  They looked for the rate of decay in these areas to compare them.  They found no difference in decay among these 3 groups.  It cost taxpayers millions of dollars but it was never published.  Dr.Yiamouyiannis PhD (author:  Fluoride, the Aging Factor), whom I persuaded to come down to  H,ville to speak (he never charged us anything for his time) used the ”Freedom of  Information Act” to request a copy of the study.  He said it took them 3 months to comply and they sent him a 3 ft. high stack of papers that he had to go through when a single floppy disc would have done the job.  When it was analyzed he found what the health dept. found:  No difference in tooth decay among the 3 groups!  When a study doesn’t come out the way you intended, don’t publish…never mind that the info should have been given to the pubic.
I have tried to get the Times News to publish my letters from here but they don’t, I guess it’s because I don’t live there anymore.  I would like to do a guest column about the fraud at H’county health dept.  Unbeknownst to me at the time the state health dept. did a study in 1997 when fluoride was first added to the water supply.  The study was conducted by the state at Bruce Drysdale.  The dentists checked the decay rate and the study was repeated it in 2007.  The local health dept. put out a report in 1997  on these 2 studies:  children’s teeth in the county had gotten significantly better. THEY LIED!!  I didn’t believe their conclusion so I wrote to the state Health dept. and asked for a copy of the study.  The local health dept. said in their report that the number of children with no cavities went up significantly.  Au contrair!  They went DOWN significantly!  They also reported that now the children are suffering much less from tooth decay, thanks to the addition of fluoride…NO!  Their teeth are worse, just like we warned !  One area shows a slight better difference but not significantly better.  The cancer rate in H’county will,  or has, gone up 5 to15%   Down Syndrome has probably gone up 15%.
I have a young relative who was born with neurofibromitosis 1 (NF1)  also called von Recklinghausen’s disease (akin to elephantman disease).  When he reaches puberty he will begin to have small tumors  develop on his skin at the end of his nerves…all over his body!  They can be very disfiguring and could turn cancerous.  If they develop on his spine he could be paralyzed or in his eyes and be blind.  This disease is caused by low thyroidism which in turn is called by…yep!… fluoride!  When he was born I looked up the incidence of NF1.  The internet said it was 1 in 300,000 births.  A few years later they said it occurred in 1 in 20,000 births and just now the estimate is 1 in 3,000 to 4,000 births!!  It has increased 100 times in about 10 to 12 years!  Fluoride causes birth defects because it interferes with proteins and DNA is a protein.  Fluoride can damage tissue (protein) cells causing autoimmune problems and allergies (all allergens are proteins).  What will the incidence be in another 10 years?
Sorry this is so long.  When I get started talking about fluoridation I can’t stop!  I’m so angry about the intransigence of the officials there, sometimes I have trouble sleeping.
 Jan Pettit
Palatka, Florida

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