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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – November 4, 2021

Hot off the lips of our very own clown in a doctor’s coat, Dr. Aaron
Stutz, the annual Christmas Light Parade will be allowed to grace
Crescent City’s streets this year, masking required….. The man
continues his reliance on masking and vaccines, neither of which have
proven to be successful any where as the virus continues to roll through
different populations without any hesitation.  The reference to using
“science” almost makes one wish to question Stutz’s sanity. To what
science is he referring?

Never fear, the City’s “Black hole”, err, commonly referred to as the
Fred Endert Municipal Pool will be open for business.  Can’t have the
citizen’s finest disappointed over the pool’s closure, great
expectations abound after all.  Free swimming lessons for the youth
provided by the local Healthcare district and likely the City’s 1% sales
tax.  Got to give recognition where recognition is due.   Furthermore,
the annual Madrigal Dinner will make its appearance, restaurant
regulations in place, masking and distancing, you all know the drill.

Stutz’s pronouncements go on to justify his continued use of mask
mandates, likely to be here forever.  “Community low and stable Covid-19
cases by the CDC data tracker” where a couple of new cases will insure
Del Norte County will remain in either the “red” category or “orange”
for the foreseeable future.  Got to gear up for the explosion of cases
sure to come our way in November, but wait we are in November.  Maybe he
is using Hair Gel’s magic wand to forecast the future.   “Consistently
low and stable hospital impact of respiratory viruses including
Covid-19″.  What, some other nefarious respiratory virus is lurking
about?   No more thinking that the control is limited to Covid-19, Dr.
Stutz has let the cat out of the bag.  Masking, distancing, and vaccines
forever….   And finally, “improved community protection with
vaccination”, only 5% more to go.  Guess he isn’t aware of the surge of
infections found in fully vaccinated people yet, maybe next week.

Many, at least those that are awake, are concluding that this is not
about “health safety” and never was.  Little tin pot dictators a la Dr.
Aaron Stutz pointing to “crowns” which give them uninvited power to
control the “little people” in the County and in this Country.  Folks,
other that those living in the Coastal elite States, are weary of
looking like they plan on holding up the local Seven Eleven, and are
looking for some kind of normalcy, but aren’t finding it.  Those that
wish to vaccinate and wear masks should continue to do so, those that do
not, also should be allowed to conduct themselves as they see fit. 
Enough of this pretense that everyone “must” look after everyone else’s
health before addressing your own.  The County needs to terminate Stutz,
send him back to Siskiyou County and save the County a few dollars.

One final note.  For all you parents out there, the FDA has approved the
Pfizer vaccine in a diluted form to enable children to be vaccinated at
the age of 5 up to 11.  Be aware that Governor Newsom has expressed
interest in moving the goal posts for school mandated vaccination back
to January 1,2022.  Just a heads up.

3 thoughts on “More Merry Holidays From Dr. Stutz”
  1. Probably Pfizer already knows there is a problem with the vaccine and children. A little preventative to combat the problem?

    1. Pfizer can add whatever it wants, because it will be forced upon us. Is that what you want? These idiots taking their kids to force these shots on them and kids die. Are you surprised? Are you surprised that your child died when the FDA stated that children did not need this but has since removed that statement? Are you surprised that FDA also stated if you had Covid you did not need to take the vaccine and has since removed that statement? Parents who do not protect their children get their just desserts. Who will protect your children if you do not? NO ONE …but in a society where we can determine the life or death of an unborn child I have no expectations that those same people will protect their live children.

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