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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – September 17, 2021

For some time now we have been made a number of promises by the current
administration regarding how the Pandemic was going to play out.  First,
mandates for a couple of weeks would flatten the curve and then we could
all go back to normal life.  Well that didn’t happen.  Then, when
infections appeared to rise in the summer of 2020, back to mandates.   A
lull in infections in the fall of 2020, with renewed promises of just a
little bit longer. Oops!  More mandates in October of 2020.   Then it
happened, the announcement to expect the first vaccine to roll off the
assembly line in December of 2020.  A ray of hope could be seen on the
horizon.  Nearly 20 million vaccinated by the beginning of 2021. More
than 50 million vaccinated by the end of February and we were told the
end was in sight.  If the population of the US would just be patient,
70% of the population would be fully vaccinated by mid summer.  Then

Are you feeling just a bit like a bobble head doll?  Moving on,
vaccination promise was not met and mixed messaging by the Federal
Government and the CDC was having the effect of producing an anti vax
movement.  Still at 63% vaccinated and another 30 million with natural
immunity, herd immunity for the population should be in sight.  A quick
slight of hand and suddenly even those that had survived a bout of
Covid-19 were pressed to be vaccinated, a show of community caring after
all.  More trouble with “the Delta Variant”.  New cries of hysteria.  If
only, at least according to the CDC the remaining 35 million
unvaccinated would get with the program, Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J could
scrape that last few billions into the balance sheet before the EUA
vaccines were scrapped for the new FDA “authorized for use” vaccines yet
to be rolled out.

Foiled again, 70% protected and no herd immunity by September of 2021. 
Ooops again, more variants on the horizon, rumors that the vaccines may
be only effective for six months, maybe only five months, and maybe even
only two to four weeks.  Quick, start talking about boosters, more shut
downs, back to face masks, and social distancing, after all it has
worked so well thus far….

And then the other shoe drops.  By now we are all so twisted and turned
around, even a trip in the spin dryer seems like a relatively mild
experience.  Everyone has forgotten that 75 million people were
vaccinated before March.  Are they still protected from the virus? 
Doesn’t look like it, six months or more have gone by for them.  Are we
suddenly back to only 35% of the population being fully protected?  Well
maybe 40% if you include those with natural immunity.  Are you confused
yet? Probably most would be by now, so what is the scoop?

Vaccinating an entire population in the US was a pipe dream at the
outset, never mind the rest of the world.  70% borders on fantasy even
for most first world nations.  Unless people come back to earth, nothing
going forward makes any sense.  Because of the short efficacy period of
the mRNA vaccines, people will loose immunity at the same rate as those
being vaccinated with a booster.  It will become an endless cycle of
vaccination with no end in sight or result in going back to normal
life.  At least until most have either had the illness and are protected
or the happy circumstance that enough have been vaccinated and herd
immunity was reached.  Not a particularly inviting scenario if the
government mandates continue.

Well, by golly, looks like yet another shoe has dropped, where did that
come from?  Seems that vaccines thought to be the golden ticket to
normalcy, just might not be for many.  Troubles in paradise as adverse
reaction to vaccines mount in number and at a greater time lag from the
final vaccination.  Could be trouble for those who have already
experienced the jab.  Fortunately the numbers are small compared to
vaccinations, but no long term studies were done on any of the current
vaccines.  Time will tell.  Many are beginning to wonder what the
booster will produce.  Oh no, more vax hesitancy, and we were so close,
well maybe not really that close at all.  Still think personal health
should be the government’s choice?

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