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Hello Donna,

Just another point that I missed mentioning. Health Canada recommends that Toxicology testing be done on Hydrofluorisilicic Acid [HFSA] to ensure the safety of the product. It is interesting to note that there is no one on record that has ever done Toxicology testing on HFSA in Canada nor the U.S.

As you may be aware, the Federal and Provincial Governments in Canada do not mandate Artificial Water Fluoridation to Municipalities. Rather Municipalities have taken the responsibility  to decide whether to Artificially Fluoridate or not Artificially Fluoridate its water supply. I would say that It stands to reason that the Toxicology testing responsibility rests on the Municipalities that have decided to Artificially Fluoridate their water supply.


From my understanding, the Fluoridation Act that was enacted by the Province of Ontario in 1962, gave the option to Municipalities to Artificially Fluoridate their water supply, but did not Authorize the use of Hudrofluorosilicic Acid to be added to the water supply. The Act says that Municipalities can install Fluoridation equipment and add Fluoride Ions to the water supply.

Should Peel Regional Council decide not to discontinue Artificial Water Fluoridation, this issue will eventually be decided in the court of Law. Given the fact that Health Canada recommends Toxicology testing be done and Peel Region has not done the tests. Given the fact that the Fluoridation Act does not Authorize the Municipality to use a Toxic Chemical, such us HFSA to be added to the water supply,

I have no Idea how a Councillor will be able to justify, adding a Toxic Chemical to the water supply to the Judge, especially given that the recommended Toxicology testing have never been done.

I should also mention that the Safe Water Act in Ontario is very clear on its regulation. It states, no one can add anything to the water supply that Could cause Harm. It also states that the Safe Water Act Supersedes all other Acts, even the Fluoridation Act.

While Health Canada and the Provincial Health Minister are on the record as stating that Artificial Water Fluoridation is Safe and Affective, they can’t produce the Toxicology testing that supports their claim.

I have also learned that there have been Three Court Challenges in the U.S. on Artificial Water Fluoridation and in all three cases, the Judge ruled that there was sufficient Scientific Evidence that adding HFSA to the water supply, can cause heath problem to some people.

It will be interesting to see how this issue will unfold here in Peel Region in the next few months.


John Sprovieri,


Peel Region


4 thoughts on “More on Lawsuit Against Fluoride In Canada”
  1. The National Academies of Science 2006 report on water fluoridation named fluoride as a known endocrine disruptor. How can anyone with any conscience approve of adding a chemical to drinking water when that chemical has known adverse side effects, and is neither a nutrient or naturally occurring?

  2. John Sprovieri,
    Good on you! Your calling out the scammers who have been pushing poison (toxic waste product called Hydrofluorisilicic Acid [HFSA]) into municipal drinking water supplies for decades now is long overdue.
    As a Neurological Learning Specialist, I have known for years that artificial fluoride in the drinking water damages children’s capacity for learning. Shame on the scammers.
    Sincerely, J Collins Meek, Ph.D., South Jordan, Utah, USA

  3. I am a physician and scientist (biophysics) who has studied fluoridation for 18 years and co-authored a book (2010) on fluoridation. I have made presentations on fluoridation to many town and city councils and submitted extensive comments, with documentation, to nine of the ten provinces in Canada. My conclusions are that fluoridation of public water supplies is unsafe, ineffective in prevention of cavities, and unethical. The claim of promoters, including medical and dental officers of health, that fluoridation is safe and effective is unsubstantiated. The promoters offer no credible research and ignore substantial demonstrations of associations of fluoridated water with adverse health effects.

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