Sat. May 25th, 2024


According to  what one hears  on FNN( Feeble News Network)Syria slipped some sarin gas in on her own people killing 400-+ and injuring perhaps a thousand ,many of them infants and children.One immediately wonders what kind of monster would do that.

Chemical warfare has been banned since WW1 in which mustard gas was employed.No matter to a dictator.AS bad as that is the question arises  should the United States then involve itself in a potential war of undefined magnitude to depose that dictator?.We did,after all , depose Saddam HUssein  based on intelligence that he was amassing such weapons. Does that establish a precedent  for dealing with Syria?
Enter impasse! To militarily attack Assad would be to assist his foe ,the Muslim Brotherhood,a terrorist organization .We were once at war with such organizations until Pseudo-President Obama “softened” that  definition.So now we may even cozy up to terrorism?One hears and reads(if one pays much attention to developing events) that members of al Qeda are increasingly  joining  the Muslim Brotherhood along with other “freedom fighters” in their bloody effort to oust President Assad. That leaves the US fighting alongside a former enemy  that thousands of Americans have given their lives fighting.Is anybody comfortable with that?
Now  there are reports of some within  Great Britain furnishing the basic ingredients of  the deadly sarin  to Syria.On what grounds could that possibly be legitimized? It’s reported that Sodium  fluoride and Potassium fluoride were sold to Syria to be used in the manufacture of aluminum window frames, if you can believe that.War is war and there’s much money to be made.
And where does that leave us if our elected leaders opt for attack on the Syrian regime?Does that not translate into  us being on the “other side” of our historic ally? If Assad were turn the manufacture of  window frames into the development of sarin  would he hesitate to release it against our ground troops  which would be inevitable in spite of what Obama has promised?
Incidentally, there are also reports that the anti-Assad forces,aka,The Muslim Brotherhood,al Qeda,et al released the sarin to bait the Obama administration into a blazing  military response . Does that sound like something those bloodthirsty organizations might do?
It seems entirely within their historic conduct to me.So the dilemma that presents  is totally unclear and fraught with potential catastrophe as Iran and Russia busy themselves into a posture of preparation of retaliation against us.They have warned us mightily about the fallout from a US attack against Assad . So  back home John McCain thumps his chest  mightily creating a drumbeat for war.
Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and scabbard the sword.It is difficult to see where we “have a dog in this fight”.Wisdom seems to dictate that  muslims killing other muslims  is highly preferrable to Americans getting the   sarin treatment…After all Americans have that war going on at home and Crescent City has won hers…It was called measure A….get the fluoride out!

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