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Submitted by Jill Jennings-McElheney – June 3, 2016 –

Dear Steven (EPA), David (HHS), Joanna (CDC) and Bruce (NIEHS/NIH):

USA Today Investigative reporter, Ms. Alison Young, has uncovered and published this week serious blunders, missteps, cover up, and withheld information to Congress by the CDC.

I am informing you of this because tomorrow is the deadline for all of you federal attorneys to respond to my proposal.  In the lead-up now to the much anticipated NTP report scheduled to be released this summer, you have been given the opportunity to issue a timely joint statement through the Surgeon General.   This public statement and a letter to the states/local water utilities would notify that the 2015 multi agency federal panel recommendation to expand fluoride pollution concentrate in municipal water supplies has been withdrawn.  An appropriate and legally prepared moratorium issued in good faith before the NTP report is made public will serve as a restorative integrity initiative in the aftermath of Flint Michigan’s catastrophic water poisoning and our current national drinking water crisis.

This culture identified by Ms. Young at the CDC is especially concerning since the CDC endorses and promotes expansion of force water fluoridation by money peddling federal dollars and covert activities while fully knowing there is a fraudulent component to this antiquated science that has over exposed generations of victims.

In my extensive communications with the CDC, their claim is that fluoride pollution concentrate infused into finished consumer drinking water is pharmaceutical grade, safe, effective, and a beneficial poison.

Please let me know if the proposal I submitted to the four of you will be accepted by tomorrow as the number of water poisoned victims continues to climb around the country as we speak.

As you know. in my meetings with top level personnel on water fluoridation since SEPT 2014 and ongoing into 2015, it is evident that Flint was being deliberately poisoned by the very same federal authorities who conducted my meetings.   These meetings were professional and a team of experts presented compelling information that was rejected for a continuation of fluoride pollution expansion and ongoing exposure to the citizenry.

I ask that all of you seriously consider my proposal laid out before you today and meet tomorrow’s deadline to avoid any potential legal liability for the collaborative federal panel’s recommendation published in the Federal Register on 1 May 2015.


Jill Jennings-McElheney
Verified Water Poisoned Victim, EPA Region IV
Author of “Sentinel Son” to be Released in 2017
@tapoutfluoride on Instagram – a social media campaign for athletes being harmed by fluoride pollution in tap water

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