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By Roger Gitlin – Eye on Del Norte – April 13, 2021

The Harbor District has closed all restrooms, (EXCEPT ONE on B Dock). The reasons for the closures are Covid-19 related, which makes no sense.

Public defecation and urination has been observed at the closed Harbor public restrooms, this past week-end but will not be displayed on this FB post, for the sake of public decency. This is most definitely a public health/ hygiene issue.

The Harbor District apparently does not embrace the biological needs people have to relieve themselves.

It is patently unfair, if not borderline illegal to burden Harbor businesses with unwanted restroom solicitation attributable to decisions (probably 5-0) by District comissioners.

Is this the message the Harbor District commissioners wish to send to the travelling public including families with children?The modest savings in not needing to maintain basic biological needs is short-sighted and makes zero sense.

Open ALL the bathrooms now and stop blaming your unwise business decisions on the Covid.

3 thoughts on “Most restrooms closed in Harbor District”
  1. I totally agree with “J” on this issue. If after a year, the Harbor District hasn’t been able to simply keep the restrooms open, how can you expect them to properly manage the harbor. There’s been more than enough time to provide adequate protection and contigencies for harbor employees who could then do what THEY were hired to do. Covid-19 is no more than an excuse the district is using to not do the job THEY were hired to do. A public launch ramp in need of repair or replacement, closed restrooms, inadequate lighting and security, raunchy public docks…think about it Mr. Harbor Master, how would you like your expensive boat getting a huge gouge from the lack of proper dock railing, your boat with thousands of dollars worth of motors and gear unable to get a freshwater washdown. Take a ride into Brookings and check out their public launching facilities, including the wash downs, is it no wonder people are going elsewhere other than Crescent City.

  2. Not surprised, how much does the harbor authority charge to rent a space for your boat inside the commercial area, how much do they charge for a boat launching permit, did they ever install a boat wash down spot, did they ever fix or replace the bumper railing, and alongside the launching docks? Yet when we come back from several hours fishing, only to find the restrooms closed or locked tops it all off! If the restrooms are closed when fishermen are normally using the facilities they’d paid for, someone is not doing their job. If the facilities are closed to prevent the homeless people from hanging out inside, then contact the police and have them removed. There’s no excuse for charging for something you don’t get.

  3. The pandemic has been going on for over a year. If the reason for the closure was coronavirus, why did they not close the restrooms a year ago?

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