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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – January 14, 2022

It has been awhile since U -Haul has come out with its ubiquitous list
of destinations for its huge fleet of self moving rental trucks and
vans.  It would appear that the great migration is on from “Blue” States
to “Red”.  One might ask why is that?  What are “blue” states doing that
is causing such a flood?  New York, almost 360,000, California another
360,000, Illinois nearly 120,000, Washington DC, New Jersey,
Connecticut, Minnesota, and most of the Northeast.  Wait, where are they
going?  Idaho, Tennessee, Montana, Texas, Florida, the Southeast, and
the middle of the Country.  Not only are the residents fleeing blue
states, but many businesses and large corporations as well.

All over California, big cities and small are loosing citizens, New York
as well.  Seems urban centers are becoming the last place anyone wishes
to live, blue to the hilt.  High taxes, crime, over regulation are just
a few of the policies that are turning people into migrants, but the
official kind.  California is home to 25% of the nation’s homeless
Illegal immigrants are flooding into the state.  New York
is not far behind. California’s U-Haul business can’t keep up with the
exodus from the state.  One would think that someone in Sacramento or
Albany would notice.  Not a chance.  Governor Hair Gel is set on
steering California to a date with the rocks.

The latest test of Newsom’s mental acuity, about on par with the “King”
in the White House, is to lay a “boner” out in the form of single payer
healthcare.  Shudder to think what that will cost. Now we have already
seen how that worked out in several smaller states where the cost made
it a financial “train wreck”, but Newsom and the Democrats want to try
it out on 39 million California residents, plus any illegals that happen
to be in the state or will relocate as fast as possible.   New York’s
claim to fame recently is to allow illegals to vote.  What perfect sense
that makes.  Make those undesirable legal citizens in the state want to
move along.

Locally, here in Del Norte County, a similar slide in population has
occurred, likely due for the most part to the shrinkage of the prison’s
population, then Governor “Empty Suit’s” refreshing charge to the left. 
When Democrats realize that blue state and blue city governments are
largely the cause of population flight, will they change to more
successful policies, not likely.  They have been blowing their own horn
for so long about how “wonderful big government disasters” are for the
governed, that changing course to something that actually has a chance
of working would be tantamount to admission of failure, can’t have
that.   The problem they have right now, is not only have years of
failure in blue cities and states to actually benefit their populations,
but Democratic failure at the national level has made it impossible to
ignore.  Now comes the question of whether or not Democrats, Liberals,
and Progressives are willing to bite the bullet and admit that they are
wrong.  Not a chance, as that takes a lot of courage…

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