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By Kevin Kiley – July 8, 2024

Gavin Newsom has spent the last several years dreaming of this moment. The moment where a chorus of Democrat voices would call on Biden to step out, and Newsom to step in. The moment where he would ride in as a White Knight to rescue the party and the Republic.

All has gone according to plan. Except for one thing: no one wants anything to do with him. We have exposed Newsom as a fraud, and the country now sees him as such.

His sparsely attended campaign event in Michigan this weekend is a case in point. Newsom proudly touted Biden’s record on unemployment and poverty, even posting the clip on X, without realizing the self-own: California ranks worst in the country on both measures.

Fittingly, Newsom’s desperate quest for national relevance has reached a terminus of total irrelevance – indeed toxicity – at the very momentwe’ve made him irrelevant in California as well. Our double defeat of Newsom, on homelessness and crime, marks a new day for our state.

As I outlined on the House Floor, a Path to Sanity has opened up despite Newsom’s maniacal attempts to keep it closed off. Newsom, after all, wanted to keep the 9th Circuit’s disastrous homelessness decision in place, but the Supreme Court did as my Brief asked and overturned it.

And Newsom’s outlandish schemes to block our End. Prop. 47 initiative – the “poison pill” plan, the “imposter initiative” plot, the frivolous complaint against me – all ended in humiliation and defeat. Even the Supermajority has had enough of him.

Meanwhile in DC, we’re working to make Newsom irrelevant when it comes to two other disasters: High-Speed Rail and the Gas Car Ban. You can watch my updates from the Floor on our investigation into the former and our legislation to stop the latter.

And speaking of restoring sanity: this week the House will vote on the SAVE Act. This bill will assure only American citizens vote in American elections.

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Kevin Kiley is a California Congressman

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