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By Angry Old American

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I will not be celebrating with the rest of you in a couple days. The 4th of July marks the observance of Independence Day. Since the fraudulent election in November of 2020, and the subsequent overthrow of our Constitutional Republic, the path of this Country is clear. Soon, there will no longer be any independence left to celebrate. This is simply a government holiday marked by parades, feasting, drunkenness and fireworks; the same as those in Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela and any other communist country.

Since the release and spread of the Chinese Communist Party’s biological weapon upon the free world, I have seen that world turned upside down. During this past year, I have watched the embrace of lawlessness and communist values along with defunding of police and the gradual erosion of Constitutional liberties. Churches and free enterprise have been persecuted, while huge corporate retail outlets, casinos, strip clubs, gay bath houses and pot shops operated without restrictions. Our children are being indoctrinated in Marxist “Critical Race Theory,” anti-family rhetoric and gender neutrality. Our God given rights of free speech, religion, armed self-defense, and protections against unlawful search and seizure have all been significantly curtailed. Our Southern Border has been compromised by our government to criminal cartels trafficking in humans and drugs; not to mention the free flow of gangsters, terrorists and foreign special forces. Our energy independence has been abandoned and we are once again paying huge prices for Russian and Middle Eastern oil. The Chinese “Thousand Talents” programs in American universities that were uncovered as hubs for foreign espionage now receive US government funding. Tik Tok and other Chi-Comm spyware applications now have the US government’s green-light.

The Department of Homeland Security has been tasked with eliminating a long list of dangerous “Extremists” who have been identified as the number one threat to Democracy. These include pro-family Orthodox Jews, un-Woke Catholics, and Evangelical Christians who comprise “Religious Extremists,” there are also “Anti-Abortion Extremists,” “Anti-Illegal Immigration Extremists,” and “Patriot Extremists.”

Last month, in testimony before Congress, Representative Louie Gohmert suggested that there was growing evidence that Federal Agents were involved in the January 6th intrusion at the US Capitol. It seems that not only did the FBI have intelligence about this incident, but was complicit in its execution. This might be one of the reasons that Capitol Police removed the barriers and allowed protesters to enter the confines of the US Capitol. Gohmert also pointed to the heavily publicized “Right Wing Militia” plan to kidnap Governor Whitmer of Michigan. Evidence has emerged that the kidnapping was actually planned by the FBI as a “Sting,” and that six of the people who showed up at Whitmer’s house to accomplish the kidnap were later identified as either FBI agents or sources!

The false flag “Insurrection” on January 6th effectively eliminated any opposition to the inauguration of a Marxist pretender regime. Seems that the Capitol breach coincided with the very moment when Republican Representatives were attempting to challenge the election. When Congress reconvened later that evening, none of the evidence of election fraud and hacking of voting machines was ever presented. At the same time, this government contrived event gave our new overlords a pretense to purge “Patriot Extremists” from our military, intelligence, law enforcement, and justice institutions. Soon, we can expect this purge to extend to the rest of us. Indeed, to simply question the official narrative promoted by the six corporations that control 90% of mainstream media will make the average Joe or Jane a target of the FBI. Google, Facebook and Twitter, along with the NSA are forming the same despotic Social Credit System that operates in Communist China to monitor and enforce “Proper Thinking.” Even the US Post Office is being employed to help identify dangerous Extremists!

The rulers of the financial universe in Davos Switzerland called openly for the end of private property by the year 2030. I am sure that plan is only for us unwashed commoners, and will not intrude upon Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zukerbucks or any other international royalty. Meanwhile, the bulk of our citizens enjoy the delusional rapture of television “programming,” while collecting their unemployment checks and expecting eviction and mortgage forbearance programs to last forever. Surely the government can print and give away money endlessly without any negative consequences.

Our legislators are planning to pack the Supreme Court with fellow Marxists in order to hasten the Cultural Revolution. At the same time, laws have been drafted for new Federal Election Laws that will force all States to use the 2020 “Emergency Provisions” of vote harvesting, and mail-in voting that resulted in the most contentious and fraud-laden election in US history. Like Russia and China, we will soon have a one-party system.

Communism and Fascism are two sides of the same counterfeit coin; they are the religions of envy. Both of these draconian ideologies rely on mockingbird media propaganda and the strategy of “Color Revolution” to divide their target populations in order to conquer them. During their attack on our Republic, they have have been quick to point out everything wrong with American free-enterprise and our Constitutional Republic throughout its history, and to claim that our culture must be erased. What they do not mention are the bloodbaths that inevitably followed each of their own previous “Color Revolutions.” Hundreds of millions of innocent people perished this past century during and after the Bolshevik Revolution and Stalinist Purges in Russia, Franco’s civil war in Spain and his war on Ethiopia, Hitler’s Holocaust in Europe, Mao’s “Cultural Revolution” and “Great Leap Forward” in China, the revenge killings after the fall of Saigon and South Vietnam, Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge Cambodian killing fields, ethnic “cleansings” in Bosnia and Kosovo, and the Hutu genocide of Tutsi’s in Rwanda. Makes me wonder how many of us will die in what was once the “Free World.”

Most of those in the military during my parents generation fought against Fascism, and those in my generation fought Communism. Those who served the United States with honor and courage are the very people who are being purged from our government today. I may be branded a “Patriot Extremist;” but at least I have chosen sides. There is no such thing as compromise with despots. Winston Churchill said it best “A placator is like the man who fed all his food to a crocodile with the hope it would eat him last.” Let those in power, and their dependent sycophants, toadies and boot-licks do the celebrating because they have good reason to. They can party with those who have been brainwashed by mainstream media and pop-culture. Perhaps they can all have a warm-fuzzy moment of kneeling, bowing their heads and throwing a power-fist in the air during the National Anthem.

I will not celebrate “Equity” and “Empowerment” at the expense of Liberty and Independence!

3 thoughts on “My boycott of Independence Day”
  1. I read this wonderful Article by the Angry OLD American ! Well I’m under too but I’m not as Articulate as this fellow is ! I hope to God a lot of people read this because you will appreciate what this guy says ! All I know it that this year the 4th of July does not mean the same thing as it usually does… Oh yes Im going to the Parade and to a PARTY afterwards … but this year Im throughly depressed because I don’t feel that we have a REAL President in office now ! I see a man who is being a puppet for the Democrats … and it’s really depressing to see what’s already happened in the few short months he’s been in Office… We need to get him out of this Important Office ASAP before our Country Completely goes to hell! Hopefully somehow the next 4th of July will be different!!

  2. Happy 4th every one, our Troops risk their lives around the world and this is what the Democrats do, I can’t find the ugly/nasty words to describe NancyP, and Chuck S. and any one else that does not honor our flag and country.

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